Ken Love

Ken Love is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1979 DeGarmo & Key Straight On Mastered
1982 DeGarmo & Key No Turning Back: Live Mastered
1987 Michael Peace RRRock It Right Mastered
1987 DeGarmo & Key Streetrock Mastered
1989 Trace Balin Here and Now Mastered
1989 Greg X. Volz No Room in the Middle Mastered
1990 dc Talk Nu Thang Mastered
1990 4Him 4Him Mastered
1990 John Lawry Media Alert Mastered
1991 Take 6 He Is Christmas Mastered
1991 Carman Shakin' the House...Live! Editing
1991 Jimmy Abegg Entertaining Angels Mastered
1992 Billy Sprague Torn Between Two Worlds Mastered
1992 dc Talk Free at Last Mastered
1992 Out of the Grey The Shape Of Grace Mastered
1992 Steve Green Hide Em In Your Heart #2 Mixed
1993 Michael Anderson Saints and Sinners Mastered
1993 Code of Ethics Code of Ethics Mastered
1993 Hoi Polloi Spin Me Mastered
1994 Acappella In His Presence Mastered
1994 Audio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me Extended Play Remixes Mastered
1994 Hokus Pick Brothers From Different Mothers Mastered
1994 Randy Stonehill Lazarus Heart Mastered
1994 PFR Great Lengths Mastered
1994 Phil Keaggy Blue Mastered
1994 Phil Keaggy Way Back Home Mastered
1994 Eric Champion Vertical Reality Mastered
1994 dc Talk Free at Last Extended Play Mixes Mastered
1994 Code of Ethics Extended Play Remixes Mastered
1995 Bride Shotgun Wedding...11 #1 Hits & Mrs. Mastered
1995 Disciples of Christ Righteous Funk Mastered
1995 Tony Vincent Tony Vincent Mastered
1995 Geoff Moore & The Distance Home Run Mastered
1995 Holy Soldier Promise Man Mastered
1995 dc Talk Jesus Freak Mastered
1996 Sunday Drive Sunday Drive Mastered
1996 Michael Anderson Love is the Hard Part Mastered
1996 Common Children Skywire Mastered
1996 The Choir Free Flying Soul Mastered
1996 Bleach Space Mastered
1996 Sarah Masen Sarah Masen Mastered
1997 Eager Eager Mastered
1997 Common Children Delicate Fade Mastered
1997 Holy Soldier Encore Mastered
1997 All Star United All Star United Mastered
1997 The Waiting The Waiting Mastered
1997 E.T.W. Ain't Nobody Dyin' But Us Mastered
1997 Grammatrain Flying Mastered
1997 PFR The Late Great PFR Mastered
1998 Sierra Story of Life Mastered
1998 Nikki Leonti Shelter Me Mastered
1998 Buck Enterprises Buck Mastered
1998 Petra God Fixation Mastered
1998 Carman Mission 3:16 Edited and Assembled
1998 All Star United International Anthems for the Human Race Mastered
1998 Billy Crockett Watermarks Mastered
1998 This Train Mimes of the Old West Mastered
1999 Charlie Peacock Kingdom Come Mixed
1999 Code of Ethics Blaze Mastered
1999 Caedmon's Call 40 Acres Mastered
1999 This Train The Emperor's New Band Mastering
2000 Chris Taylor Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth Mastered
2000 Russ Lee Words in Time Mastered
2000 Solomon's Wish A Wise Man's Tragedy Mastering
2002 The Waiting Wonderfully Made Mastered
2003 Taylor Sorensen The Fill Mastered
2003 DeGarmo & Key History Makers Mastered
2003 Point of Grace 24 Mastered
2003 Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus A Beautiful Glow Mastered
2005 Ashley Cleveland Men and Angels Say Mastered
2011 Chicago Mass Choir XV Live Mastered

Ken Love

Ken was probably doomed to a career in music recording from his youth. His childhood music education started with piano lessons, but it was through his saxophone playing that he was first exposed to music recording technology. With high school friends he did simple sound on sound recordings using home hi-fi equipment, and when they accidentally discovered analog “flanging” his technical interest was piqued. Ken went on to Oberlin College where he attended the college of arts and sciences. Oberlin has a strong classical conservatory, and Ken’s real technical recording education happened through his work-study job recording student recitals for the school archives. The conservatory provided rich opportunities for a variety of recording and live mixing experiences that included large choral and orchestral ensembles, chamber music, jazz ensembles, opera, and front of house mixing for visiting pop artists.

Ken became associated with MasterMix through internships he spent in Nashville during the inter-semester breaks. After one summer job as a country tour “roadie”, and another summer mixing sound for the Boston Symphony, Ken landed a new job as the night cutter at MasterMix. While he had taken the job with the hope of seconding in Nashville’s first mix-dedicated facility, it soon became apparent to Ken that mastering was a better fit for his temperament, talent and experience. Ken really enjoyed the precision required to transfer sound to a mechanical analog, and all of his listening/mixing experience had been of the two-channel variety. There was also a special appeal in the privilege of hearing more than one song in a day.

Eighteen years later, Ken is still working his first job after college. MasterMix has provided a generous environment for Ken’s technical maturation and client development. It is an interesting aside that the first project Ken ever mastered was certified Gold in 1986. In the years following Ken initiated the use of an AMS Audiofile, and became the first mastering engineer in Nashville to use hard disc editing in his production methods.

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