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Kendall Payne is my guest today. Kendall splashed onto the music scene in 1999 with her debut album, which earned her a Dove award. Everything seemed to be going great! And then her label dropped her! But God had other plans for her music. She got married, had two kids, and then the rug got pulled out from under her again—another twist in the story. And yet, here she is, still making music, releasing her 6th album in 2021. And she is still seeking to understand what it means to be a child of God.

Stephen Stanley has been working on his music career since age nine. He grew up listening to '70s and '80s rock bands, but a water ski accident focused his energy on music. He knew he wanted to be in Christian music from a very early age and even attended college specifically to “help his writing because he didn’t want his songs to say anything that wasn’t based on scripture.” Then, early in 2020, Stephen got a record deal, just in time for a global pandemic to nearly shut down the music industry. And yet, here he is, still making music, pointing people to Jesus.

I first learned about Angelo & Veronica back in 1992 when they released Higher Place on Benson records. Since that time, they have released more than a dozen albums, both as a duo and a few solo projects for Veronica. Veronica has also written a book called How I Made it Out Alive, documenting her journey through and victory over depression. In addition, in 2015, they started a Higher Place Church where they minister each week.

To get things started today, I’m going to throw out a few names and see if you can figure out how these musicians are related: Little Walter, Toots Thielemans, Charlie McCoy, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Darrell Mansfield, Buddy Greene. If you are a student of music, you’ll probably recognize that these are all harmonica players. Astute listeners will also realize that these are some of the most popular and best harmonica players. Well, today we get to talk with Buddy Greene, yup. He was on that list of amazing musicians.

When the Jesus Movement was getting started in the US, British musicians were also looking to use music to express their faith through their own Gospel Beat movement. One of these early music pioneers Is Adrian Snell. Adrian released his first album in 1975 and has released more than 20 albums. Then, in 1990, he retired from being a professional touring musician to focus on using music as a therapy tool. But he’s continued making music, and in March, he released his latest project: Kintsugi: The Art of Precious Scars.

David Baroni may best be known as a Grammy award-winning songwriter, penning songs for a whos’ who list of Christian musicians. And in addition to writing songs, he has eleven worship albums, several instrumental projects and is the author of numerous books. But more important than his career accomplishments, he talks about his marriage of 41 years to Rita, who is not only a life partner but a minister partner, too. As we prepared for this conversation, David talked about the importance of our Identity in Christ and how God’s grace and strength are made perfect in our weakness.

Today we are headed to England to learn about a relatively new band, Lion of Judah. This group is working to bring Christian music into the mainstream music scene in the UK. Lion of Judah has recently signed with Gospel Song Records, an imprint of Tooth & Nail Records here in the states, and their brand new album Closer was released in October 2021. Today I’m chatting with the lead singer and primary songwriter for the group, Josh Bannister.

Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters is my guest today. He and the guys in the Headhunters have been making music since the 1960’s when they started a band together for an elementary school talent show. I first heard about Greg due to his work with Darrell Mansfield, but I have discovered that he released a gospel blues project called the Mighty Jeremiahs and worked with the likes of Dale Thompson and Bride, Phil Keaggy, to name a few.