Mission 3:16


Release Number: 
SPD 1640
Release Date: 
Jan 01, 1998


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Mission 3:16 4:11
People of God 4:09
Legendary Mission 1:42
Never Be 3:36
Jesus Is the Lamb 5:11
Post Lamb Jam 0:05
The Courtroom 6:47
Surf Mission 1:14
Do I Do 2:55
We Are Not Ashamed 4:21
The Prayer Anthem 3:30
Missione D'Italiano 1:00
Slam 4:05
All in Life 3:14
Kingdom Suite 1:21


Member Role
Tim Akers Keyboards
Jeff Bailey Horns
Mark Baldwin Guitars
Brown Bannister Producer
Lisa Bevill Background Vocals, Choir Vocals
Steven Bishir Recorded, Mixed
Bruce Bouton Steel Guitar
Michael Bragg Programming
Allan Brown Horns
Rob Burrell Mixed (Assisted), Additional Recording
Jim Butler Rapper, Background Vocals
Stacy Campbell Choir Vocals
Jonathon Carrey Rapper
Michael Clarke Jazz Trio Member, Drums
Dan Cleary Choral Arrangement
George Cocchini Guitars
Lisa Cochran Background Vocals
Todd Cooper Background Vocals
Boh Cooper Piano, Background Vocals
Rupert Coulson Recorded
Tim Coyle Mixed (Assisted)
Eric Darken Percussion
Tim Davis Background Vocals, Street Singer, Choir Vocals
Danny Duncan Additional Programming
Tabitha Fair Choir Vocals
Ben Georgiades Recorded (Assisted)
Barry Green Horns
Todd Gunnerson Mixed (Assisted)
Byron Hagan B-3
Steve Hall Mastered
John Hartman Background Vocals
Mike Haynes Horns
Tom Hemby Guitars
Byron House Jazz Trio Member, Bass
Tom Howard Orchestral Arrangement, String Quartet and Flute Arrangement
Sandy Jenkins Recorded (Assisted)
Sigmund Johns Rapper, Background Vocals
Phil Keaggy Background Vocals
Bonnie Keen Background Vocals, Choir Vocals
Patrick Kelly Additional Recording, Mixed
Sherri Kibble Choir Vocals
The Kid Connection Children's Choir
Bryan Lenox Producer, Mixed, Programmed, Recorded
Sam Levine Horns
Michael Linney Producer, Programmed, Additional Recording
Brandon Linney Programmed (Assisted)
London Session Orchestra Orchestra, Quintet
Ken Love Edited and Assembled
Phil Madeira Additional Keyboards. Farfisa
Carl Marsh Arranged and Programmed, Horn Arrangement, Choral Arrangement
Chris McDonald Horns
Janet McMahan-Wilson Contractor
Jerry McPherson Guitars
Michael Mellett Background Vocals, Street Singer, Choir Vocals, Contractor
Gene Miller Choir Vocals
Tony Miracle Additional Programming
Joey Miskulin Accordion
John Mock Tinwhistle, Bodrhan
Nicole C. Mullen Choir Vocals
Robin Neal Background Vocals, Choir Vocals
Dan Needham Drums
Lynn Arthur Nichols Executive Producer, Background Vocals
Hank Nirider Recorded (Assisted)
Tony Orlando Guest Vocalist
Out of Eden Guest Vocals Arranged and Performed
Gary Paczosa Recorded
Tiffany Palmer Choir Vocals
Greg Parker Mixed (Assisted)
Steve Patrick Horn Arrangement, Horns
George Pendergrass Choir Vocals
Marcelo Pennell Recorded
Dave Perkins Additional Guitars, Synth
Matt Pierson Bass
Matt Porter Rapper
Tim Putnam Mixed (Assisted)
Joey Richey Street Singer
Brent Rowan Guitar
David Schober Recorded
Tommy Sims Programmed
Calvin Smith Horns
Todd Smith Street Singer
Nicol Sponberg Background Vocals, Choir Vocals
Tracy Sterling Bishir Choir Vocals, "Hostess"
Kristine Stroupe Opera Singer
William Stroupe Opera Singer
Russ Taff Guest Vocalist
Brian Tankersley Producer, Programmed, Recorded
Roz Thompson Choir Vocals
Tedd Tjornhom Programmed
Tina Vallejo Background Vocals
Kenny Vaughan Guitars, Jazz Trio Member
Amy Joy Weimer Background Vocals, Choir Vocals
Scott Williamson Drums
Chris Willis Choir Vocals
Lori Wilshire Background Vocals
Micah Wilshire Guitars, Background Vocals
Shane Wilson Recorded
Gavyn Wright Concertmaster
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