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The Christian Music Archive is documenting the men and women responsible for the soundtrack of the Christian faith. But we need your help to continue. Won’t you consider making a one-time or ongoing donation?


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Progress So Far

As of October 31st, we have raised 22% of the funds needed. We couldn't do this without the support of people like Jon, Kimberly, Matt, Bob, and David. Thanks for your help. We invite others to join in by choosing a donation option above.

Here is the explanation for why we need this campaign.

If the Christian Music Archive were a car, we would be shopping for a new set of wheels. You see, our engine is old and they aren’t making parts to repair it any longer. The wheels haven’t entirely fallen off, but there is a day coming when turning the key will no longer start the car.

Let me explain. This web page is built on a complex set of interconnected databases. And the Drupal engine that ties them all together is coming to an End of Life in November 2022. That means we have to migrate to a newer version of Drupal or a different platform altogether.

The maker of Drupal changed their focus and have built a tool for complex industries, like General Electric, McDonald’s, and Nasdaq. But, unfortunately, it has become too complicated and expensive for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

So, we are moving the site to another Content Management System called Back Drop. But this means we have about 100 hours of development and programming ahead of us. And that time is not cheap.

As a result, I’m asking you to help raise the needed funds to transition the Christian Music Archive to a less complicated and less expensive platform. We estimate it will cost $10,000 to make the transition. That’s where you come in. Click on one of the buttons above to help us reach our goal of keeping the Christian Music Archive online and accessible to everyone.

Note: The Christian Music Archive is NOT a not-for-profit 501c3 organization. I'm just a guy who wants to be sure that the history of Christian music is well documented. So, while your donations are not tax-deductable, they are much appreciated!