Patron of the Arts
( ˈpeɪtrən əv ðɪ ɑːts )

Someone who acts as a patron to or supports organizations and individuals that work in or concern the arts.

What does it mean to support something like the Christian Music Archive? If you believe in our work, you can help us offset the cost of running the website and producing the podcast. Each year, we spend about $2,500 to maintain all that we have going on.

Would you be willing to be one of those people? Your patronage would be appreciated if you would like to facilitate the creative process by a one-time or recurring donation! 

My way of saying thanks
We post the names of our monthly contributors at the bottom of every page. It's not much, but it is our way of throwing a shout-out to people who believe in what we do.

Thank you for believing in the work of the Christian Music Archive. I do this for you!

Project Opportunity

In 2025, we are moving the Christian Music Archive website to a new content management system. This move is necessary to keep the site growing, and our current CMS is reaching its end of life. This project will cost close to $10,000. Any help you can provide for this transition would be greatly appreciated!

Note: The Christian Music Archive is NOT a not-for-profit 501c3 organization. I'm just a guy who wants to be sure that the history of Christian music is well documented. So, while your donations are not tax-deductable, they are much appreciated!

These donors keep the CMA free

The following individuals contribute monthly to help keep the Christian Music Archive free for everyone.

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  • Midnight Rain Productions

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