CMA Business as Mission: Mercy, inc.


Jan 20, 2022

Worship leader Steffany Gretzinger is preparing for the birth of their second child. Pray for a healthy, safe arrival. And pray for God's provision during the new year.

Jan 19, 2022

Marvin & Gentry ask us to pray that God directs where they go and sing this year. "We want to be guided for every step we are to take. Also, continue praying for the people in Mayfield, Kentucky, that God provides as they recover from the tornado a month ago."

Jan 18, 2022

David Baroni writes, "My prayer request is that I would finish well and have Kingdom effectiveness as I live and communicate the good news. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's, which has made me aware of my dependence on God and thankfully aware of His sufficient grace. I would like prayer for healing."

Jan 17, 2022

Sherri Youngward writes, "I would love prayer for my weekly podcast, The Quiet Place. Prayer for the people who listen to find encouragement and peace. I would also love prayer for a four-week workshop I am offering for women who want to grow in their personal time with God. Also, prayer for new songs and a  possible new recording. Finally, I will always take prayer for my health and dealing with Type 1 diabetes."

Jan 16, 2022

Mark Pogue asks us to "Pray for clarity and wisdom as I set goals for 2022. Pray for a great learning experience as I am involved in a next-level songwriting boot camp in January/February. Finally, pray for healing & a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind over my autistic daughter Diella and peace, unity, and balance in our family relationships."

Jan 15, 2022

Troy Thompson from Bride writes, "We have started working on a new recording. We could use some prayer for that project."