Chris Rodriguez

Mar 30, 1999

Chris Rodriguez is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1986 Rich Mullins Rich Mullins Background Vocals
1986 Dion DiMucci Velvet & Steel Background Vocals, Hand Claps, Vocals
1986 Billy Crockett Surprises in Disguises Crowd Voice
1987 Prism Yellow Background Vocals
1987 Kenny Marks Make It Right Background Vocals
1987 Rich Mullins Pictures in the Sky Background Vocals
1987 Michael W. Smith Live Set Songwriter, Guitars
1987 Paul Smith No Frills Background Vocals
1987 Steven Curtis Chapman First Hand Background Vocals Arranger, Background Vocals
1987 Margaret Becker Never For Nothing Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
1988 Geoff Moore & The Distance A Place to Stand Songwriter, Background Vocals
1988 Rich Mullins Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth Background Vocals
1988 Kim Hill Kim Hill Songwriter
1988 Rick Cua Can't Stand Too Tall Background Vocals
1988 Carman Live! Radically Saved Background Vocals
1988 Kim Boyce Time and Again Backing Vocals
1988 Steven Curtis Chapman Real Life Conversations Background and Choir Vocals
1988 Amy Grant Lead Me On Background Vocals
1989 JC and the Boyz Never Give Up Background Vocals
1989 Amy Grant A Moment In Time Guitars, Bass, Background Vocals
1989 S.F.C. Listen Up Vocals
1989 White Heart Freedom Background Vocals
1990 Scott Wesley Brown Living in the Comfort Zone Background Vocals
1990 Donna McElroy Bigger World Guitars, Background Vocals
1990 David Meece Learning to Trust Background Vocals
1990 White Heart Souvenirs Background Vocals
1990 White Heart Power House Background Vocals
1990 Bruce Carroll Great Exchange Background Vocals
1990 Buddy Greene Sojourner's Song Background Vocals
1990 dc Talk Nu Thang Guitars, Background Vocals
1990 Steven Curtis Chapman For the Sake of the Call Background Vocals
1991 Priscilla Engle Learning To Love Backround Vocals
1991 Greg X. Volz Exodus Guitar
1991 Carman Shakin' the House...Live! Background Vocals
1991 Steve Camp Consider the Cost Background Vocals
1991 Margaret Becker Simple House Vocals
1991 Rick Cua Within Reach Songwriter
1991 Amy Grant Heart in Motion Background Vocals
1991 David Mullen Faded Blues Songwriter
1992 JC and the Boyz Chill 4 Awhile Background Vocals
1992 Billy Sprague Torn Between Two Worlds Background Vocals
1992 Michael W. Smith Change Your World Background Vocals
1992 dc Talk Free at Last Background Vocals
1992 Steven Curtis Chapman The Great Adventure Background Vocals
1992 Carman Revival in the Land Background Vocals
1992 Kim Boyce Facts of Love Background Vocals
1992 Vince Ebo Love Is the Better Way Background Vocals
1993 Michael English Hope Background Vocals
1993 NewSong All Around the World Background Vocals
1993 Carman The Standard Background Vocals
1993 Steve Camp Taking Heaven by Storm Background Vocals
1993 David Meece Once in a Lifetime Background Vocals
1993 Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle Background Vocals
1993 Ashley Cleveland Bus Named Desire Background Vocals
1994 Hokus Pick Brothers From Different Mothers Guitars, Vocals
1994 White Heart Nothing but the Best Radio Classics Background Vocals
1994 White Heart Nothing but the Best Rock Classics Background Vocals
1994 Gary Chapman The Light Inside Background Vocals
1994 Idle Cure Eclipse Background Vocals
1994 Amy Grant House of Love Background Vocals
1994 David Mullen David Mullen Background Vocals
1994 Steve Camp Mercy in the Wilderness Background Vocals
1994 Kim Boyce By Faith Background Vocals
1994 Bob Carlisle The Hope Of A Man Background Vocals
1995 John Schlitt Shake Vocals
1995 Petra No Doubt Background Vocals
1995 White Heart Attack! Background Vocals
1995 Dallas Holm Face of Mercy Background Vocals
1995 Buddy Greene Minstrel Of The Lord Background Vocals
1995 Chris Eaton Wonderful World Background Vocals
1995 Margaret Becker Grace Guitars
1995 East to West North of the Sky Background Vocals
1995 Carolyn Arends I Can Hear You Background Vocals
1995 Michael W. Smith I'll Lead You Home The Choir, Background Vocals
1996 White Heart Early Years Background Vocals
1996 Aaron Jeoffrey After The Rain Backing Vocals
1996 Gary Chapman Shelter Background Vocals
1996 Twila Paris Where I Stand Background Vocals
1997 Aaron Jeoffrey The Climb Backing Vocals
1997 Bruce Carroll For The Record Background Vocals
1997 Chris Rice Deep Enough To Dream Background Vocals
1997 Amy Grant Behind the Eyes Background Vocals
1998 Chris Taylor Down Goes the Day Background Vocals
1998 Bruce Carroll Boomerang Guitars
1998 Margaret Becker Falling Forward Background Vocals
1998 Michael W. Smith Live the Life Guitar, Background Vocals
1999 Chris Rodriguez Beggar's Paradise Producer, Songwriter, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Classical Guitar, Bass, Lead and Background Vocals
1999 Anointed Anointed Guitars
1999 Michael W. Smith This Is Your Time Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
2000 Don Moen I Will Sing Guitars
2000 Russ Lee Words in Time Background Vocals
2000 Carolyn Arends Seize The Day & Other Stories Background Vocals
2000 Solomon's Wish A Wise Man's Tragedy Acoustic Guitar, Dobro
2001 Greg Long Now Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Background Vocals
2001 Cindy Morgan Elementary Guitars, Background Vocals
2001 Pete Orta Born Again Producer, Songwriter, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals
2001 Anointed If We Pray Songwriter
2002 Mark Douthit Groove Vocals
2002 Ashley Cleveland Second Skin Background Vocals
2003 Russ Lee The Second Mile Guitars, Background Vocals
2011 Echoing Angels Echoing Angels Songwriter, Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin

Chris Rodriguez

Mar 07, 1960

Chris Rodriguez is an American Contemporary Christian musician and singer/songwriter. Rodriguez was born in Bronx New York, and moved to Nashville, becoming a veteran of the scene in the early 1990s. His debut album, Beggar's Paradise, was released by Word Records in 1999, by which time he had collaborated on projects with country and CCM acts such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Wynonna Judd, and Shania Twain. He continues to work as a session musician with other artists on the Nashville scene, such as Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, Keith Urban, and Lee Ann Womack. Chris is also the brainchild behind the Nashville based band "The Alternators" that features some of Nashville's best session players that interchange as their schedules allow.

He has two children, Nicole and Andre, and a wife.

Chris was part of Shania Twain's "The Woman in Me" TV tour band 1995-96 performing selected international venues and television shows with other respected musicians Randy Thomas (co-writer of the song "Butterfly Kisses"), Dan Schafer, Russ Taff, Dave Malachowski, Allison Cornell & Will Owsley.

As of 2007 he is touring with Kenny Loggins. From 2005 to 2010, he toured with Keith Urban.

As of 2010 he was touring with Kenny Loggins as well as LeAnn Rimes.

As of 2011 Chris was working with new artist Jessica Ridley

As of 2012 Chris is playing Rhythm Guitar for Faith Hill

As of summer 2012 Chris is touring with Kelly Clarkson

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