Margaret Becker

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Margaret Becker is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1986 Steve Camp One on One Songwriter, Duet Vocals
1986 Rob Frazier This Town Background Vocals
1987 Steve Camp After God's Own Heart Songwriter, Background Vocals
1987 Margaret Becker Never For Nothing Songwriter, Vocals
1988 Compassion All Star Band 1 by 1 - Live! Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
1988 Kim Hill Kim Hill Background Vocals
1988 Steve Camp Compact Favorites Songwriter, Duet Vocals
1988 Steve Camp Justice Vocals
1988 Margaret Becker The Reckoning Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
1988 Steven Curtis Chapman Real Life Conversations Songwriter
1989 Margaret Becker Immigrant's Daughter Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
1989 White Heart Freedom Background Vocals
1990 White Heart Souvenirs Background Vocals
1990 Charlie Peacock Secret of Time Background Vocals
1991 Margaret Becker Simple House Songwriter, Vocals
1992 Larry Howard Cornerstone Blues Jam Vocals
1993 Carman The Standard Duet Vocal on "Holdin' On"
1993 Margaret Becker Soul Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
1993 Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle Songwriter
1994 White Heart Nothing but the Best Radio Classics Background Vocals
1994 Ashton, Becker, Dente Along the Road Songwriter, Vocals
1996 White Heart Early Years Background Vocals
1998 Margaret Becker Falling Forward Songwriter, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
2000 Jennifer Knapp Lay It Down Background Vocals and Arrangement
2001 Various Artists The Prayer of Jabez Vocals
2012 Jennifer Knapp & Margaret Becker Hymns of Christmas Vocals

Margaret Becker

Jul 17, 1959

Margaret Becker is an American Christian rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She has had twenty one #1 Christian radio hits, won four Dove Awards, and been nominated for four Grammy Awards.

Becker was raised in Bay Shore, New York, and began playing in coffeehouses while teaching music and taking opera lessons. Having graduated from James Madison University with a degree in communication, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1985, and signed to Sparrow Records as a songwriter; soon after she toured with Rick Cua as a backup singer and sang on Steve Camp's 1986 album One on One. The next year she landed a contract as a solo artist and released her debut album, Never for Nothing. The single "Fight for God" was her first hit, and her second LP, The Reckoning, followed with two more hits, "Light in the Darkness" and "Find Me".

Becker began working with producer Charlie Peacock starting with 1989's Immigrant's Daughter, and a string of successful albums followed, including a Spanish language LP. She won two Dove Awards in 1992, for Rock Album (Simple House) and Rock Song ("Simple House"). However, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Becker occasionally encountered controversy in the world of Contemporary Christian music because she is a Roman Catholic; some Christian stores refused to carry her album, and her concert appearances were sometimes picketed. Although she was raised in Catholicism, Margaret currently attends a non-denominational church in Nashville, TN. After 1995's Grace, Becker decided to take a sabbatical from the music industry; during this time she wrote a book entitled With New Eyes and wrote editorials for Campus Life magazine.

She left Sparrow Records in 2002 but has continued to record since then, both her own albums and for compilation albums. She appears on the albums Sisters (Warner Bros. Records, 1994), Listen to Our Hearts (Sparrow, 1998), Heaven and Earth (Sparrow, 1999), and the New Irish Hymns series (Kingsway Music), and is one of the members of Ashton, Becker, and Denté. She co-wrote Bob Carlisle's "Bridge Between Two Hearts". Her second book, Growing Up Together, appeared in 2000; her third, With New Eyes, came out in 2004, and a fourth, Coming Up for Air, was published in 2006. In late 2007, Becker's newest album, Air, was released.

Becker gives teaching seminars across the United States. She also produces records for other singers, and in 2006 she wrote a series of columns for CCM Magazine. Becker has also been active in supporting charities such as Habitat for Humanity, Compassion International, and World Vision.

Becker has been single for her entire life and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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