Jon Goin

Jon Goin is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1978 David Meece Everybody Needs a Little Help Guitar
1978 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Following You Guitar
1979 Reba Rambo The Prodigal ...According to Reba Guitar
1979 Dogwood Ordinary Man Guitars
1979 The Cruse Family Harmony Guitar
1979 Tim Sheppard Songtailor Electric Guitar
1979 Mickey & Becki Brand New Guitar
1979 Dallas Holm His Last Days Guitars
1979 Dallas Holm All That Matters Guitars
1979 Don Francisco Got to Tell Somebody Electric & Rhythm Guitars
1979 Amy Grant My Father's Eyes Guitars
1980 Stephanie Boosahda One in a Million Guitars
1980 Gary Dunham Happy Family Guitar
1980 David Meece Are You Ready? Electric Guitar
1981 James Ward Faith Takes A Vision Guitar
1981 Ed Raetzloff Drivin' Wheels Guitars
1981 Stephanie Boosahda I Know That I Know Electric Guitar
1981 The Cruse Family For Every Heart Guitars
1981 Gary McSpadden It Was Enough Guitars
1981 Micki Fuhrman Look Again Guitars
1981 Mickey & Becki Love Song for Number Two Lead Guitar
1981 City Limits City Limits Guitars
1981 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Soldiers of the Light Guitar
1981 Don Francisco The Traveler Guitars
1981 Farrell & Farrell Make Me Ready Guitar
1981 Pete Carlson Dreamer's Dream Guitar
1981 Steve Camp For Every Man Acoustic and Electric Guitars
1981 Brown Bannister Talk to One Another Songwriter
1982 Various Artists Good Night Sleep Tight Guitar
1982 Andrew Culverwell Alive Again Guitar
1982 Cruse Cruse Guitars
1982 Prodigal Prodigal Guitars
1982 Gary Dunham The Pearl Lead Guitar
1982 Kenny Marks Follow Him Guitars
1982 David Meece Front Row Guitar
1982 Glad Captured in Time Rhythm Guitar
1982 Amy Grant Age to Age Guitars
1982 Glenn Garrett Nothing Without You Electric Guitar
1982 Kathy Troccoli Stubborn Love Guitar
1982 Steve Archer Solo Guitar
1983 Gordon Jensen Just in Time Guitars
1983 Lenny LeBlanc Say a Prayer Guitars
1983 Sandi Patty More than Wonderful Guitars
1983 David Meece Count the Cost Guitars
1983 Imperials Side by Side Guitars
1983 Michael W. Smith Project Guitars
1983 Dallas Holm Signal Guitars
1983 Carman Sunday's on the Way Guitar
1983 Steve Camp Only the Very Best Acoustic and Electric Guitars
1983 Gaither Vocal Band Passin' The Faith Along Guitars
1983 Amy Grant A Christmas Album Guitars
1984 Gordon Jensen Fighting the Fight Guitars
1984 Lewis McVay Coming Attractions Guitars
1984 Billy Sprague What A Way To Go Guitars
1984 Candy Christmas Heart of Fire Guitars
1984 Billy Crockett Carrier Electric Guitars
1984 Pam Mark Hall Supply and Demand Guitars
1984 Sandi Patty Songs from the Heart Guitar
1984 Kenny Marks Right Where You Are Songwriter
1984 Amy Grant Straight Ahead Guitars
1984 Brent Lamb Tug of War Guitars
1984 Chris Christian Let the Music Start Guitar
1984 Pete Carlson Child of the Heavenly Guitars
1984 Michael Card Known By The Scars Electric and Classical Guitars
1985 Gabriel Out of the East Guitars
1985 Mickey & Becki Mickey & Becki Moore Guitars
1985 Kenny Marks Attitude Acoustic and Electric Guitars
1985 David Meece 7 Guitar
1985 Amy Grant Unguarded Guitars
1985 Joe English The Best is Yet to Come Guitars
1985 Tim Daniel A Vision Beyond Guitars
1985 Carman The Champion Guitar
1985 Michael Card Scandalon Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
1985 Scott Wesley Brown Somebody's Brother Guitars
1986 Silverwind Set Apart Guitar
1986 Billy & Sarah Gaines Billy & Sarah Gaines Guitars
1986 David and Lisa Binion Nothing Can Separate Us Guitar
1986 Candy Christmas Arms of Love Guitar
1986 Paul Smith Live and Learn Guitars
1986 Sonlight Outta This World Guitar
1986 Sandi Patty Morning Like This Guitar
1986 Brent Lamb One Man Guitar
1986 Dion DiMucci Velvet & Steel Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
1986 Billy Crockett Surprises in Disguises Electric Guitar
1986 Carman A Long Time Ago in a Land Called Bethleham Guitar
1986 Amy Grant Collection Guitars
1986 Tony Elenburg First Things First Guitars
1987 Larry Bryant Silent Movies Guitars
1987 Tami Gunden Written On My Heart Guitars
1987 Steve and Annie Chapman Guest of Honor Guitars
1987 Scott Wesley Brown The Language of Jesus Is Love Guitar
1987 Buddy Greene Praise Harmonica Electric Guitar
1987 Steven Curtis Chapman First Hand Guitar
1987 Michael Card The Final Word Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar
1987 First Call Undivided Guitar
1988 Scott Wesley Brown To the Ends of the Earth Guitar, Guitar Overdubs
1988 Sandi Patty Make His Praise Glorious Guitar
1988 Rich Mullins Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth Guitar
1988 Buddy Greene Slice Of Life Guitars
1988 Michael Card Present Reality Guitars
1988 Steven Curtis Chapman Real Life Conversations Guitar
1989 Sandi Patty Friendship Company Guitar
1995 Geoff Moore Familiar Stranger: The Early Works of Geoff Moore Guitars

Jon Goin

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