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About 50% of our revenue comes from the ads you see on various pages. Advertising, combined with album sales, Patrons, and donations, pays for our operating expenses.

Advertising is provided by Google. Google displays advertisements based on your interests as determined by the websites you have visited.

Turn off the ads

If you would rather not see advertising, I can turn them off for you! When you provide monthly support, I'll turn off all the advertising on the page (except for information about Mercy, inc.).


Become a Patron at the Sponsor level and the ads go bye-bye. Plus, there are some additional perks available, too.


Become a Patron!

Alternately, you can make a monthly donation using your debit or credit card on PayPal. All recurring donations of $20 or more each month result in me turning off the ads for you! Just be sure to include your email address, so I know it is you.