Sandi Patty

Friendship Company


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Jan 01, 1989


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Track Listing

Title Duration
The Friendship Company 0:00
Miracles Can Happen 0:00
Masterpiece 0:00
We're in This Thing Together 0:00
That's the Love of God 0:00
Sandi's Sunday School Sing-a-Long 0:00
The Miracle of Jesus 0:00
Beautiful Feet 0:00
Love Makes a Friend Be a Friend Like You 0:00
Forever Friends 0:00


Member Role
Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Mark Aspinall Engineer, Mixed
Jeff Balding Engineer
Mark Baldwin Songwriter
Jim Beckel Trombone
George Binkley III Violin
John Borg Viola
Cozette Byrd Pinebrook Childrens Contractor
John Catchings Cello
Roy Christensen Cello
Bob Clark Head Engineer, Mixed
Claire Cloninger Songwriter
Don Cobb Engineer
Ernie Collins Brass
Mark Copenhaver Engineer
Billy Crockett Guitar
David Davidson Violin
Nathan East Bass
Suzann Farley Flute
Jim Farrelly Alto and Soprano Saxophone
Kathy Frizzell Songwriter
Gloria Gaither Songwriter
Mark Gersmehl Songwriter
Jon Goin Guitar
Dennis Good Brass
Carl Gorodetzky Strings, Violin
Carlos Grier Engineer
Jim Grosjean Viola
Mark Hammond Drums
Tom Harvey Percussion
Mike Haynes Brass
John Helvering Executive Producer
Brent Henderson Songwriter
Heather Holland Duet Vocals
Andy Holmes Duet Vocals, Spoken Dialogue
Ron Huff Strings Arranger and Conductor
David Huntsinger Songwriter, Piano
Greg Imboden Clarinet
Brian Jannsen Production Coordinator
Jack Jezioro Bass
Dan Johnson Executive Producer
Anthony Lamarchina Cello
Lee Larrison Violin
Paul Leim Drums
Sam Levine Woodwinds
David Maddux Arranger, Orchestrator, Conductor
Ted Madsen Violin
Bob Mason Cello
Chris McDonald Brass
Phill McHugh Songwriter
Janet McMahan-Wilson Nashville Childrens Contractor, Songwriter
Randy Melson Bass
Pam Miedema Violin
Steve Millikan Keyboards
Laura Molyneaux Violin
Alan Moore Strings Arranger
Farrell Morris Percussion
Phil Naish Keyboards, Keyboard Overdubs
Nashville Kids Children's Vocals
Nashville String Machine Strings
Corliss Nelson Songwriter
Craig Nelson Bass
Greg Nelson Producer, Strings Conductor, Songwriter
Mary Kathryn Parker Violin
Craig Patty Songwriter
Mike Patty Songwriter
Brett Perry Synclavier Programming
Pinebrook Kids Children's Vocals
Pinebrook Orchestra Strings
Mike Poole Engineer
Denny Purcell Mastered
Art Reiner Percussion
John Rommel Brass
Clarke Schleicher Engineer
Pam Sixfin Violin
Elisabeth Small Violin
Leah Taylor Guide Singer
Keith Thomas Rhythm Arranger, Keyboards
George Tidwell Brass
Dick Tunney Keyboards
Alan Umstead Violin
Kathy Umstead Violin
Gary Vanosdale Viola
Scott Wendholt Trumpet
Kristen Wilkinson Viola
Cindy Wilt Production Coordinator, Guide Singer
Larry Wiseman Trumpet
Charles Wyatt Woodwinds
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