Sandi Patty

Make His Praise Glorious

Release Date: 
Jan 01, 1988
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Track Listing: 
Make His Praise Glorious
Come Let's Worship Him
No Other Name
Almighty God
Love Will Be Our Home
Come Before Him
Someone Up There Loves Me
In Majesty He Will Come / Majesty
In Heaven's Eyes
In His Presence
Member Role
Sam Bacco Percussion
Jon Goin Guitar
Brent Henderson Background Vocals
Steven Curtis Chapman Songwriter
Steve Wenger Songwriter
Bonnie Keen Background Vocals
Pat Gunter Woodwinds
Gilbert Long Brass
Dave Murphy Assistant Engineer
Gary Musick Background Vocals
Mary Alice Hoepfinger Harp
Rex Thomas Guitar Overdubs
Greg McCaw Background Vocals
Lisbeth Wendt Background Vocals
Jack Hayford Songwriter
Dick Tunney Songwriter
Cynthia Estill Woodwinds
Eberhard Ramm Brass
David T. Clydesdale Arranger, Orchestrator, Conductor
Gary Robinson Background Vocals
Eddie Carswell Songwriter
Steve Millikan Keyboard Overdubs
Cindy Wilt Production Manager
John Helvering Executive Producer
Melodie Tunney Songwriter, Background Vocals
Leah Taylor Background Vocals
Tom McAninch Brass
Corliss Nelson Background Vocals Conductor
John Darnall Background Vocals
Rev. Oliver W. Wells Songwriter
Carl Gorodetzky Strings
Amy Yahnig Production Assistance
Ed Seay Head Engineer
Marty McCall Background Vocals
George Tidwell Brass
Robert Heuer Brass
Alan Moore Strings and Background Vocals Arranger, Rhythm Arranger
Guy Penrod Background Vocals
Gary McSpadden Songwriter
Nashville String Machine Strings
Buddy Skipper Woodwinds
John Bolt Engineer
Gary Janney Background Vocals
John Rommel Brass
Rick Ricker Brass
Phil Naish Rhythm Arranger, Keyboards
Bobby James Background Vocals
Billy Smiley Songwriter
Gary Grant Horns
Shelley Harris Background Vocals
Bob Clark Engineer
Beverly Darnall Background Vocals Contractor, Background Vocals
Jeff Bailey Brass
Mike Buckwalter Brass
David Huntsinger Rhythm Arranger, Acoustic Piano
Craig Nelson Bass
Chris Christian Songwriter
Dan Higgins Horns
Leah Helvering Background Vocals
Jim Scheffler Engineer
Bobby Taylor Woodwinds
Paul Butcher Brass
Barbara Hutchins Brass
David Maddux Background Vocal Arranger, Background Vocals
Greg Nelson Producer, Rhythm Arranger, Songwriter
Phill McHugh Songwriter
Kim Hutchcroft Horns
Don Peslis Background Vocals
Joe Neil Engineer
Mary B. Bates Background Vocals
Dennis Good Brass
Ralph Childs Brass
Jerry Hey Horn Arranger, Horns
Cozette Byrd Background Vocals Contractor
Gary Armstrong Brass
Steve Schaeffer Synclavier Operator
Brian Jannsen Production Assistance
Kevin Clark Engineer
Ellen Musick Background Vocals
Chris McDonald Brass
Steven V. Taylor Background Vocals
Nathan East Bass
Tammy Boyer Background Vocals
Bill Wolaver Songwriter
Mark Hammond Drums
Ann Richards Woodwinds
Mike Poole Assistant Engineer
Tammy Jensen Background Vocals
Barry Green Brass
Farrell Morris Percussion
Paul Leim Drums
Mike Haynes Brass
Producer, Rhythm Arranger, Lead and Background Vocals
Robin Wolaver Songwriter
Mark Baldwin Guitar
Lee Carroll Woodwinds
Mark Aspinall Assistant Engineer
Butch Curry Background Vocals
Ernie Collins Brass

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