Terry McMillan

Feb 11, 1997
Aug 31, 1993

Terry McMillan is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1978 David Meece Everybody Needs a Little Help Percussion
1978 Dan Peek All Things Are Possible Percussion, Harmonica
1979 Joe Wise Songs for the Journey Percussion
1979 Mickey & Becki Brand New Percussion
1979 Don Francisco Got to Tell Somebody Harmonica, Percussion
1980 David Meece Are You Ready? Percussion
1980 Wayne Watson Workin' in the Final Hour Percussion
1980 Joe English Lights in the World Percussion, Harmonica
1981 Nancy Honeytree Growing Up: Honeytree's Best Harmonica
1981 James Ward Faith Takes A Vision Percussion
1981 The Cruse Family For Every Heart Percussion
1981 Mickey & Becki Love Song for Number Two Percussion
1981 City Limits City Limits Percussion
1981 Farrell & Farrell Make Me Ready Percussion
1981 Pete Carlson Dreamer's Dream Percussion
1981 Steve Camp For Every Man Percussion
1982 Andrew Culverwell Alive Again Percussion
1982 Kenny Marks Follow Him Percussion
1982 Amy Grant Age to Age Percussion
1982 Rick Cua koo-ah Percussion
1983 Gordon Jensen Just in Time Percussion, Harmonica
1983 Imperials Side by Side Percussion
1983 Steve Camp Only the Very Best Percussion
1984 Gordon Jensen Fighting the Fight Percussion, Harmonica
1984 The Hemphills Together Harmonica, Percussion
1984 Billy Crockett Carrier Percussion
1984 Pam Mark Hall Supply and Demand Percussion
1984 Kathy Troccoli Heart and Soul Harmonica
1984 Pete Carlson Child of the Heavenly Percussion
1985 The Hemphills Excited! Percussion, Harmonica
1985 Wayne Watson Giants in the Land Percussion
1985 Carman The Champion Percussion
1986 Paul Smith Live and Learn Percussion
1986 Gold City Double Take: Live Harmonica, Percussion
1986 Geoff Moore Over the Edge Percussion
1986 Amy Grant Collection Percussion
1987 Steve and Annie Chapman Guest of Honor Harmonica, Percussion
1987 Prism Yellow Harmonica
1987 Gold City Movin' Up Percussion
1987 First Call Undivided Anatomical Percussion
1988 Steve Camp Justice Percussion, Harmonica
1989 Amy Grant A Moment In Time Percussion, Harmonica
1989 Russ Taff The Way Home Harmonica, Percussion
1989 David and the Giants R U Gonna Stand Up Harmonica
1990 Donna McElroy Bigger World Congas, Harmonica
1990 David Meece Learning to Trust Percussion
1991 Margo Smith and Holly Just the Beginning Percussion, Harmonica
1991 Bruce Carroll Sometimes Miracles Hide Percussion
1991 Steve Camp Consider the Cost Percussion
1991 Margaret Becker Simple House Harmonica
1992 Michael W. Smith Change Your World Songwriter, Percussion
1992 Steve Green Hide Em In Your Heart #2 Harmonica
1993 Michael English Hope Percussion
1993 Gaither Vocal Band Southern Classics Harmonica, Percussion
1993 Bruce Carroll Walk On Percussion
1993 Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle Percussion
1993 First Call Sacred Journey Percussion, Harmonica
1993 Billy Sprague The Wind & The Wave Harmonica, Percussion
1994 Hokus Pick Brothers From Different Mothers Percussion, Harmonica
1994 Amy Grant House of Love Percussion
1994 Bob Carlisle The Hope Of A Man Percussion
1995 Three Crosses Three Crosses Percussion, Harmonica
1995 Brent Lamb No Excuses, No Regrets Harmonica
1995 Rick Cua Times Ten Harmonica
1995 Carolyn Arends I Can Hear You Percussion, Harmonica
1995 Carman R.I.O.T. Harmonica
1995 dc Talk Jesus Freak Percussion
1996 John Schlitt Unfit for Swine Percussion
1997 Bruce Carroll For The Record Percussion
1997 Amy Grant Behind the Eyes Percussion, Harmonica
1998 Michael W. Smith Live the Life Percussion
2000 Robin Crow Electric Cinema Percussion
2000 Petra Double Take Harmonica Solo

Terry McMillan

Oct 12, 1953
Feb 02, 2007

Terry McMillan got his start when Country Music Hall of Famer Chet Atkins hired him for his road band in 1975. Chet mentored Terry and encouraged him to develop a harmonica style that would be adaptable to blues, country and rock music.

In addition to his harmonica work, Terry was a talented percussionist. His skills on those seemingly dissimilar instruments allowed him to become an in-demand studio instrumentalist. He recorded with many of the top Country and Christian artists.

Terry McMillan was born in 1953 and died February 2, 2007 in Sevierville, Tennessee from pneumonia.

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