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Russ Taff is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1977 Imperials Sail On Songwriter, Vocals
1978 Imperials Imperials - Live Songwriter, Vocals
1979 Imperials One More Song For You Songwriter, Vocal Arrangements, Vocals
1979 Imperials Heed the Call Songwriter, Vocals
1980 Imperials Priority Songwriter, Vocals
1980 Joe English Lights in the World Background Vocals
1981 Steve Camp For Every Man Duet and Background Vocals
1983 Cynthia Clawson Forever Background Vocals
1983 Russ Taff Walls of Glass Songwriter, Vocals
1984 Leslie Phillips Dancing with Danger Duet Vocals
1984 White Heart Vital Signs Choir Vocals
1985 The Cause Do Something Now Choir, Vocals
1985 Russ Taff Medals Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
1985 Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Sheep In Wolves Clothing Background Vocals
1987 White Heart Greatest Hits Choir Vocals
1987 First Call An Evening in December Volume 2 Featured Solo
1987 Russ Taff Russ Taff Songwriter, Vocals, Boys Choir, Chant, Background Vocals
1988 Randy Stonehill Can't Buy a Miracle Background Vocals
1988 Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy & Sunday's Child Vocals
1988 Amy Grant Lead Me On Background Vocals
1989 Various Artists Adventures in the Land of Big Beats and Happy Feets
1989 White Heart Collector's Disc (Whiteheart / Vital Signs) Choir Vocals
1989 Russ Taff The Way Home Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
1990 Julie Miller Meet Julie Miller Background Vocals
1990 Eddie DeGarmo Phase II Vocals
1991 Ashley Cleveland Big Town Songwriter, Background Vocals
1991 Russ Taff Under Their Influence Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
1992 Russ Taff A Christmas Song Arranger, Vocals
1993 Carola My Tribute Songwriter
1993 White Heart Quiet Storm: The Ballads Choir Vocals
1993 Gaither Vocal Band Southern Classics Choir
1994 White Heart Vital Signs Gold Series Choir Vocals
1994 Russ Taff We Will Stand Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
1995 Ashley Cleveland Lesson of Love Background Vocals
1995 Russ Taff Winds of Change Producer, Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
1995 First Call Beyond December Guest Vocals
1995 Brian Barrett Nailed in Stone Producer, Background Vocals
1998 Carman Mission 3:16 Guest Vocalist
1999 Russ Taff Right Here Right Now Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
2000 White Heart Hits from the Heart Choir Vocals
2002 Randy Stonehill Edge of the World Vocals
2003 Gaither Vocal Band A Cappella Songwriter, Vocals
2005 Bart Millard Hymned Guest Vocal
2011 Russ Taff Faroe Islands Songwriter, Vocals

Russ Taff


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Nov 11, 1953

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Russ Taff has one of the most recognizable voices in Christian music. He has sung a variety of musical styles throughout his career including: pop rock, traditional Southern Gospel, contemporary country music, and Rhythm and blues. He first gained recognition as lead vocalist for The Imperials (1977–1981). One of his best-known performances is the song "Praise The Lord". He has also been a member of the Gaither Vocal Band, and occasionally tours with Bill Gaither in the Homecoming series. As a solo artist and songwriter, Taff is known for the 1980s anthem "We Will Stand".

RussTaff was born the fourth of five sons to a fire-breathing Pentecostal preacher father and a gospel music-loving mother. He learned early on that when he sang, people sat up and responded with feeling. Some of his earliest memories are of being balanced on the church altar by his mother’s strong arms while he belted out a gospel chorus to the rollicking encouragement of the tiny congregation. His trademark rich, emotion-drenched vocals were formed in that fertile environment.

His mother’s extensive collection of gospel records was the only form of entertainment their strict upbringing allowed, so after school Russ would rush home to listen to his favorites. Lying on the floor between two old stereo speakers, the plaintive, powerful sounds of artists like Mahalia Jackson and the Five Blind Boys From Alabama literally filled his head with music. “It really spoke to me,” Taff says. “I would close my eyes and just float away with those voices. “A natural harmony singer, Russ often teamed with his brothers to perform songs by the great quartets of the day–The Blackwood Brothers, The Gospel Echoes, and The Statesmen (featuring his favorite singer, Jake Hess.) “Those guys were like the Beatles or Elvis to me,” Russ laughs. “I used to practice their moves in front of my bedroom mirror, and try my best to sound just like Jake!”

When Taff moved to Arkansas in his teens, he began listening to popular music for the first time in his life, and found inspiration there, too. Contemporary Christian music was gaining prominence and the traditional lines between ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ were starting to blur. Russ formed a local band called Sounds of Joy, and began writing songs that combined the spiritual truths of his childhood with the music of his generation.

Two years after his band served as an opening act for the legendary Imperials, Taff was invited to join them as lead vocalist. With the Imperials he toured extensively and gained recognition as ‘The Voice’ behind award-winning songs and albums that successfully completed the group’s transition from traditional to contemporary Christian.

Eager to experience and explore all aspects of music, Taff left the Imperials after four and a half years to pursue a solo career. He captured the imagination of the industry by successfully releasing a series of innovative works that delved into his musical heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary Christian music. Taff’s lyrics, often co-written with his wife Tori, chronicled his personal spiritual path. Soaring, aching, raucous or tender, the songs Russ chose to wrap his one-of-a-kind voice around were unflinchingly honest. Artistically, Taff was always authentic but never predictable. His eclectic taste was reflected in his recordings and live concerts, as he drew from all genres– rock, pop, blues, Southern gospel, Black gospel, country, even big band. “I guess I’m just not a right-down-the-middle kind of guy,” he cheerfully admits. “I’ve been influenced musically by so many styles that I try to never place restrictions on myself. If it moves me, I figure it will probably move other people too. “Apparently he’s right. However you choose to label it, Russ Taff’s music has won him not only a wide audience and critical acclaim, but a total of five Grammy awards and nine Gospel Music Association Dove awards. He has been hailed by Billboard Magazine as “the single most electrifying voice in Christian music.” But he never forgot where he came from, or the sounds that first stirred his soul.

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November 02, 2018

Multi-GRAMMY® and Dove Award-winning Russ Taff releases his debut praise and worship album, Believe, today (Nov. 2) from Sweetwater Studios, a division of Sweetwater Sound, and with global distribution from The Fuel Music. The album is available now at physical and digital retailers everywhere.

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