Nashville String Machine

Nashville String Machine is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1972 The Pat Boone Family In the Holy Land Strings
1974 Imperials Follow the Man with the Music Strings and Horns
1982 Gary Dunham The Pearl Strings
1983 David Meece Count the Cost Strings
1983 DeGarmo & Key Mission of Mercy Strings
1983 Michael Card Legacy Strings
1983 Gaither Vocal Band Passin' The Faith Along Strings
1984 Sandi Patty Songs from the Heart Strings
1984 White Heart Vital Signs Strings
1984 Brent Lamb Tug of War Strings
1985 Mickey & Becki Mickey & Becki Moore Strings
1985 David Meece 7 Strings
1985 Wayne Watson Giants in the Land Strings
1985 White Heart Hotline Strings
1985 Carman The Champion Strings
1985 Scott Wesley Brown Somebody's Brother Strings
1986 Silverwind Set Apart Strings
1986 Sonlight Outta This World Strings
1986 Sandi Patty Morning Like This Strings
1986 Carman A Long Time Ago in a Land Called Bethleham Strings
1987 Scott Wesley Brown The Language of Jesus Is Love Strings
1987 Sandi Patty The Gift Goes On Strings
1987 White Heart Greatest Hits Strings
1987 Twila Paris Same Girl Strings
1987 Steven Curtis Chapman First Hand Strings
1987 First Call Somethin' Takes Over Strings
1988 Scott Wesley Brown To the Ends of the Earth Strings
1988 Sandi Patty Make His Praise Glorious Strings
1988 Bruce Carroll Richest Man In Town Strings
1988 Buddy Greene Slice Of Life Strings
1988 Steven Curtis Chapman Real Life Conversations Strings
1989 Sandi Patty Friendship Company Strings
1989 White Heart Collector's Disc (Whiteheart / Vital Signs) Strings
1989 Michael W. Smith Christmas Strings
1990 Donna McElroy Bigger World Strings
1990 Bruce Carroll Great Exchange Strings
1990 Buddy Greene Sojourner's Song Strings
1990 Steven Curtis Chapman For the Sake of the Call Strings
1991 Priscilla Engle Learning To Love Strings
1991 Charlie Peacock Love Life Strings
1991 Ricky Skaggs My Father's Son Strings
1991 Carman Shakin' the House...Live! Strings
1991 Steve Camp Consider the Cost Strings
1991 Margaret Becker Simple House Strings
1991 Carman Addicted to Jesus Strings
1992 The Speer Family He Still Reigns Strings & Brass
1992 Michael W. Smith Change Your World Strings
1992 Steven Curtis Chapman The Great Adventure Strings
1992 Carman Revival in the Land Strings
1992 4Him The Basics of Life Strings
1992 Russ Taff A Christmas Song Strings
1993 Michael English Hope Strings
1993 White Heart Quiet Storm: The Ballads Strings
1993 4Him The Season of Love - Christmas Strings
1993 Margaret Becker Soul Strings
1994 Maia Amada Faith Remains Strings
1994 White Heart Vital Signs Gold Series Strings
1994 Kathy Troccoli Kathy Troccoli Strings
1994 Guardian Swing Swang Swung Strings
1994 Bryan Duncan Slow Revival Strings
1994 Michael Card Poiema Strings
1994 4Him The Ride Strings
1994 Russ Taff We Will Stand Strings
1994 Amy Grant House of Love Strings
1995 The Winans Heart & Soul Strings
1995 Petra No Doubt Strings
1995 John Elefante Windows of Heaven Strings
1995 Russ Taff Winds of Change Strings
1995 David Meece Odyssey Strings
1995 First Call Beyond December Strings
1995 Carman R.I.O.T. Strings
1996 Charlie Peacock Strange Language Strings
1996 Steven Curtis Chapman Signs of Life Strings
1996 PFR Them Strings
1997 Bruce Carroll For The Record Strings
1997 Kim Boyce As I Am Strings
1998 Randy Stonehill Thirst Strings
1998 Michael W. Smith Live the Life Strings
1998 dc Talk Supernatural Strings
1999 Guardian Smashes Strings
1999 John Elefante Defying Gravity Strings
1999 Audio Adrenaline Underdog Strings
1999 Avalon In a Different Light Strings
1999 Chris Rodriguez Beggar's Paradise Strings
1999 Michael W. Smith This Is Your Time Strings
1999 Russ Taff Right Here Right Now Strings
1999 Newsboys Love Liberty Disco Strings
2000 Don Moen I Will Sing Strings
2000 White Heart Hits from the Heart Strings
2000 Charles Billingsley Marks of the Mission Strings
2000 Jennifer Knapp Lay It Down Strings
2000 Jonathan Pierce Sanctuary Strings
2000 Petra Double Take Strings
2000 FFH Found a Place Strings
2000 Bob Carlisle Nothing But The Truth Strings
2000 Michael Card Soul Anchor Strings
2000 Michael W. Smith Freedom Strings
2001 NewSong The Christmas Shoes Strings
2001 Greg Long Now Strings
2001 Michael W. Smith Worship Orchestra
2001 Caedmon's Call In the Company of Angels Strings
2001 Anointed If We Pray Strings
2002 Nicole C. Mullen Christmas in Black and White Strings
2003 FFH Ready to Fly Strings
2003 The Martins Above It All Strings
2005 Bruce Carroll Big World Strings
2012 Gordon Mote Songs I Grew Up Singing Strings
2017 Todd Agnew From Grace to Glory Strings

Nashville String Machine

Band Members:

Contractor and primary contact.

Nashville String Machine is a contracted group of string players who are available for session playing on artist's albums. The group membership varies greatly depending on what the needs of the producer and artist are. As such, there is no listing given here of all the individuals who have, over time, performed with the Nashville String Machine.

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