The Basics of Life

Release Date: 
Jan 01, 1992
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Track Listing: 
The Basics of Life
When It Comes to Livin'
Fountain of Youth
This Time
Through His Eyes
Built on Amazing Grace
Livin' in the Lion's Mouth
When It's Time to Go
Head Over Heels
Wrecking Ball
The Voice of God
Member Role
Lisa Jordon Choir Vocals
Billy Simon Songwriter
Mark Baldwin Guitar
Blair Masters Songwriter, B3 Organ, Programming
Gary Vanosdale Strings
Billy Crockett Acoustic Guitar
Barry Green Horns
Jerry Park Choir Vocals
Brent King Engineer
Si Simonson Choir Vocals
Bill Baumgart Vocal Arranger
Mellie Matula Choir Vocals
Vince Wilcox Choir Vocals
Jan Cuttler Choir Vocals
Tara Griggs Choir Vocals
Greg Parker Mixed
Don Koch Producer, Vocal and Track Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards, Piano
Pam Sixfin Strings
John Birdwell Choir Vocals
Russell Mauldin String Arranger
Kristen Wilkinson String Contractor, Strings
Eric Darken Harbor Sounds, Percussion
Fred Hammond Producer, Engineer, Programming
Veronica Petrucci Vocals
Andy Chrisman Vocals
Tom Laune Mixed
Jackie Street Bass
De Ann Bouthwell Choir Vocals
Lynn McCain Choir Vocals
Don Wyrtzen String Arranger, Orchestration
David Davidson Strings
Joyce Hardy Choir Vocals
Steve Pinkston Engineer
Mark Harris Songwriter, Vocals
Paul Leim Drums
Brett Teegarden Engineer
Steve Brallier Choir Vocals
Jerry McPherson Guitar
Dennis Dearing Guitar
Mike Haynes Horns
Conswallia Pitts Choir Vocals
Marty Magehee Songwriter, Vocals
Gary Lunn Bass
George Tidwell Horns
Billy Cameron Choir Vocals
Laura Molyneaux Strings
Bill Deaton Engineer, Mixed
Amy Hughes Mixed
Mike Psanos Engineer
Kirk Sullivan Vocals
Dan Lynch Choir Vocals
Pam Thum Choir Vocals
Michael Candelaria Songwriter
Dave Murphy Engineer
Annette Edge Choir Vocals
Andy Ivey Executive Producer, Choir Vocals
Mark Quattrochi Production Assistant
4Him Vocal Arranger
Chris MacDonald Horn Arranger, Horns
Geoff Thurman Songwriter, Vocal Arranger, Vocals
Joseph Cassell Choir Vocals
Nashville String Machine Strings
Connie Ellisor Strings
Jeff Jansen Songwriter
Chris Reimink Choir Vocals
Lowell Alexander Songwriter
Ted Madsen Strings
Alan Umstead Strings
John Catchings Strings
Craig Nelson Strings
Lynn Fuston Engineer
John Jaszcz Mixed
Mike Risher Choir Vocals
Angelo & Veronica Choir Vocals
John Mandeville Songwriter
Donna VanLiere Choir Vocals
Dave Clark Songwriter
Maureen O'Malley Choir Vocals
Phill Garland Production Assistant
Danny Johnston Mixed
Linda Shirley Choir Vocals
Reed Arvin Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Programming
Bob Mason Strings
Troy VanLiere Choir Vocals
Mary Creighton Choir Vocals
Chrissie Oppedisano Choir Vocals
Carl Gorodetzky Strings

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