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White Heart



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Jan 01, 1985


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Hot Line 4:14
Gotta Be A Believer 4:21
Jerusalem 3:50
Turn The Page 4:55
She's A Runaway 3:40
Heroes 4:36
In His Name 4:14
The Victory 4:22
Walls 2:35
Keep Fighting The Fight 3:08


Member Role
Stan Armor Background Vocals
Sam Bailey Engineer
Chuck Bentley Choir Vocals
George Binkley III Violin
Paul M. Carter Choir Vocals
Vicki Carter Choir Vocals
Steven Curtis Chapman Choir Vocals
Roy Christensen Cello
Virginia Christenson Viola
Chris Christian Executive Producer
Keith Compton Choir Vocals
Paul Taylor Couch Choir Vocals
Eddie DeGarmo Songwriter
Scott Douglas Songwriter, Vocals
Becky Durham Choir Vocals
Dave Durham Choir Vocals
Rick Florian Choir Vocals
Jack Fowler Choir Vocals
Leah Fry Choir Vocals
Mark Gersmehl Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
Liz Gilbert Choir Vocals
Becky Gillespy Choir Vocals
Carl Gorodetzky Violin
Bob Graves Engineer
Steve Green Background Vocals
Lennie Haight Violin
Chris Harris Choir Vocals
Jan Harris Choir Vocals
David Huff Drums, Percussion, Linn Drum Programming
Greg Jennings Guitar
Shane Keister Vocoder
Gordon Kennedy Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Dana Key Songwriter
Brent King Production Assistance, Engineer, Mixed, Tambourine
Doris King Choir Vocals
Wayne Kirkpatrick Choir Vocals
Lee Larrison Violin
Landra Larson Choir Vocals
Denise Liles Choir Vocals
Dwight Liles Choir Vocals
Gary Lunn Bass, Drumulator Programming
Dennis Molchan Violin
Nashville String Machine Strings
Craig Nelson Bass
Steve Nichols Choir Vocals
David Parks Choir Vocals
David Pierce Engineer, Background and Choir Vocals
Valerie Reid Choir Vocals
Vivian Reid Choir Vocals
Dawn Rodgers Choir Vocals
Clark Schleicher Engineer
Melinda Scruggs Choir Vocals
Bernie Sheahan Choir Vocals
James Sigmon Choir Vocals
Pam Sixfin Violin
John Slick Synthesizer Programming
Billy Smiley Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Debi Smiley Choir Vocals
Jeanni Stalcup Choir Vocals
Larry W. Stewart Songwriter
Ace Swain Choir Vocals
Gary Vanosdale Viola
Tricia Walker Choir Vocals
Jody Ward Choir Vocals
White Heart Production Assistance / Arrangements
Kimberly Williams Choir Vocals
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