The Ride


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Jan 01, 1994


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Wings 0:00
The Nature of Love 0:00
For Future Generations 0:00
Shelter in the Rain 0:00
Between You and Me 0:00
Real Thing 0:00
Ride of Life 0:00
As Long As My Heart Knows It's You 0:00
What Do I Know 0:00
Love Finds You 0:00


Member Role
Vocal Arrangements, Vocals
Jeff Bailey Trumpet
Brett Barry Additional Choir
Erin Barry Additional Choir
Bill Baumgart Executive Producer, Additional Choir
Jane Baumgart Additional Choir
David Benancourt Assistant Engineer
Steve Camp Songwriter
Christ Church Choir Choir
Terry Christian Engineer
Dave Clark Songwriter
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums
Eric Darken Percussion
Mark Douthit Saxophone
Paul Erickson Recorded
Lynn Fuston Additional Recording
Bruce Gaitsch Guitar
Gary Grant Horns
John Hammond Drums
Everette Harp Saxophone
Mark Harris Songwriter
Mike Haynes Trumpet
Tom Hemby Guitar
Jerry Hey Horns
Carrie Hodge Additional Choir
Michael Hodge Guitar, Additional Choir
John Hurley Additional Recording
David Jahnsen Additional Engineering
John Jaszcz Recorded, Mixed
Dorris Jordan Additional Choir
Don Koch Producer, Additional Recording, Songwriter, Keyboards, Programming, Vocal Arrangements, Track Arrangements
Leslie Koch Additional Choir
Scott Link Assistant Engineer
Tom Lord-Alge Mixed
Marty Magehee Songwriter
Blair Masters Programming
Chris McDonald Horn Arrangements, Trombone
Chris McHugh Drums
Jerry McPherson Guitar
Nashville String Machine Strings
Michael Omartian Producer, Songwriter, String Arrangements, Keyboards
Mark Rahlston Assistant Engineer
Bill Reichenbach Horns
Sheldon Reynolds Guitar
Doug Sarrett Additional Recording
Jeff Silvey Songwriter
Billy Simon Songwriter
Jackie Street Bass
Brett Teegarden Additional Recording
Ann Trubey Additional Choir
Beverly White Additional Choir
Larry Williams Horns
Brett Wilson Production Assistant, Additional Choir
Peter Wolf Producer, Songwriter, Bass, Keyboards
Don Wyrtzen String and French Horn Arrangements
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