Steve Hall

Steve Hall is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1978 Keith Green No Compromise Strings Engineer
1979 Becky Ugartechea Look By Faith Mastered
1979 Wendell Burton Shinin' Thru the Rain Mastered
1979 Sweet Comfort Band Hold On Tight! Mastered
1980 Roby Duke Not the Same Mastered
1981 Terry Talbot A Song Shall Rise Mastered
1981 The Archers Spreadin' Like Wildfire Mastered
1981 Petra Never Say Die Mastered
1982 Maranatha! Singers Praise Six: Come and Sing Praises Mastered
1982 John Mehler Bow & Arrow Mastered
1982 Cruse Cruse Mastered
1982 Resurrection Band D.M.Z Mastered
1982 Servant World of Sand Mastered
1982 Petra More Power to Ya Mastered
1982 Keith Green Songs for the Shepherd Mastered
1982 Richie Furay Seasons of Change Mastered
1982 Bob Bennett Matters of the Heart Mastered
1983 Michele Pillar Reign On Me Mastered
1983 Cynthia Clawson Forever Mastered
1983 Peter Beveridge Grinding Wheel Mastered
1983 Northbound Northbound Mastered
1983 Resurrection Band Live Bootleg Mastered
1983 Petra Not of This World Mastered
1983 Pat Terry Film at Eleven Mastered
1983 Mark Heard Eye of the Storm Mastered
1983 Phil Driscoll Covenant Children Mastered
1983 Steve Camp Fire and Ice Mastered
1984 Tim Miner Tim Miner Mastered
1984 Karen Voegtlin He's My Leader Mastered
1984 Bob and Joy Cull Last Horizon Mastered
1984 Cruse Cruse 2 Mastered
1984 Dennis Agajanian Where Are The Heroes Mastered
1984 Imitators Imitators Mastered
1984 Resurrection Band Hostage Mastered
1984 Leslie Phillips Dancing with Danger Mastered
1984 Pat Terry The Silence Mastered
1984 Randy Stonehill Celebrate This Heartbeat Mastered
1984 Keith Green Jesus Commands Us to Go! Mastered
1984 Michele Pillar Look Who Loves You Now Mastered
1984 Rob Frazier Cut it Away Mastered
1984 Terry Talbot Sings Stories of Jesus Mastered
1984 Morgan Cryar Keep No Secrets Mastered
1984 Farrell & Farrell Choices Mastered
1985 Silverwind By His Spirit Mastered
1985 John Fischer Self Portrait Mastered
1985 Wendy & Mary Battle of the Heart Mastered
1985 Richard Souther Songs Unspoken Mastered
1985 Imitators Once And For All Mastered
1985 Resurrection Band Between Heaven 'n Hell Mastered
1985 David Meece 7 Mastered
1985 Randy Stonehill Love Beyond Reason Mastered
1985 Benny Hester Benny From Here Mastered
1985 Phil Keaggy Getting Closer Mastered
1985 Steve Camp Shake Me to Wake Me Mastered
1985 Debby Boone Choose Life Mastered
1985 Bob Bennett Non-Fiction Mastered
1986 Steve Amerson Shine On Me Mastered
1986 Justus Someone's Waiting Mastered
1986 Marcellino / Navarro Third Heaven Mastered
1986 Tom Howard The Harvest Mastered
1986 Petra Captured in Time & Space Mastered
1986 Steve Taylor Limelight Mastered
1986 Michael Gleason Voices From The Old World Mastered
1986 Steve Camp One on One Mastered
1986 Rob Frazier This Town Mastered
1986 Michael Peterson Michael Peterson Mastered
1986 Farrell & Farrell Manifesto Mastered
1987 Steve and Annie Chapman Guest of Honor Mastered
1987 Richard Souther Second Story Mastered
1987 Petra This Means War! Mastered
1987 Mark Heard Tribal Opera Mastered
1987 BeBe and CeCe Winans BeBe and CeCe Winans Mastered
1988 Resurrection Band Compact Favorites Mastered
1988 Resurrection Band Silence Screams Mastered
1988 Geoff Moore & The Distance A Place to Stand Mastered
1988 Petra On Fire Mastered
1988 Steve Camp Compact Favorites Mastered
1989 Terry Blackwood Keep Pressing On Mixed
1989 Cindy Cruse Ratcliff The Edge Mastered
1989 Mastedon It's a Jungle Out There Mastered
1990 Randy Stonehill Until We Have Wings Mastered
1990 Bryan Duncan Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend Mastered
1990 Eric Champion Eric Champion Mastered
1991 Tom Howard Beyond the Barriers Mastered
1991 Resurrection Band Civil Rites Mastered
1991 Linda Elias The Meaning of Love Mastered
1991 Michael Omartian The Race Engineer, Mastered
1992 Chris Lizotte Chris Lizotte & Soul Motion Mastered
1992 Holy Soldier Last Train Mastered
1992 Randy Stonehill Wonderama Mastered
1992 Roby Duke Not the Same (reissue) Mastered
1992 The Choir At the Foot of the Cross Mastered
1992 Eric Champion Save the World Mastered
1993 Resurrection Band Reach of Love Mastered
1993 Randy Stonehill Stories Mastered
1993 Steve Camp Taking Heaven by Storm Mastered
1993 Bryan Duncan Mercy Mastered
1993 Kirk Franklin Kirk Franklin and the Family Mastered
1993 The Prayer Chain Shawl Mastered
1994 Glenn Kaiser Spontaneous Combustion Mastered
1994 Chris Lizotte Long Time Comin' Mastered
1996 Petra The Early Years Mastered
1998 Kirk Franklin Nu Nation Project Mastered
1998 Carman Mission 3:16 Mastered
2001 Tom Howard Sanctuary - Reflection Mastered
2001 Greg Long Now Mastered
2001 Steven Curtis Chapman Declaration Mastered
2008 Iona Live in London Mastered

Steve Hall

Steve Hall combined musical training-in bass, drums and clarinet-with university studies in theater and electronics to become an audio engineer. He got his start in the business at Glendale's legendary Whitney Studios, where, as a young second engineer, he worked on sessions for the likes of Barry White, Rod Stewart, War, and Phil Spector. After MCA bought the studios he was soon drawn to mastering where his talent was quickly recognized. Among Steve’s earliest mastering projects were Nick Gilder’s "Hot Child In The City", Blondie’s "Heart of Glass", Pat Benatar’s "In the Heat of the Night" and The Knack’s "My Sharona."

In 1981 Steve and a partner struck out on their own, envisioning a top-of-the-line mastering facility focused on the cutting edge. That dream was realized with Future Disc, which grew rapidly from a one room suite to a multi-room complex encompassing 6000 square feet. Steve has always believed in the advancement of technology in the industry being one of the first to embrace CD mastering in 1982. At Future Disc, Steve has amassed a huge discography of hit records including Madonna’s "True Blue", Bobby Brown’s "Don't Be Cruel", the soundtrack for City of Angels, Green Day’s "Nimrod", Jane’s Addiction’s "Nothing’s Shocking", and Toy Matinee’s "Toy Matinee", and Alice In Chain’s “Dirt” to name just a few.

As a sonic pioneer, Future Disc was one of the first mastering facilities to embrace surround sound technology and one of the first to set up for DVD authoring. Well-respected for his work in the surround field, Hall has mastered some of the most prestigious surround projects, including The Band’s "The Last Waltz", Earth Wind & Fire’s "Gratitude", the Grateful Dead’s "American Beauty"/"Workingman’s Dead", Jackson Browne's "Runnin’ On Empty", Foreigner IV, and The Beach Boys’ "Pet Sounds", Earth Wind & Fire And Chicago Live At The Greek.

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