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Mark Heard is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1972 Infinity Plus Three Setting Yesterday Free Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
1975 Mark Heard Mark Heard Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Piano, Synthesizer, Hambone, Vocals
1980 Mark Heard Fingerprint Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Songwriter, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Mandolins, Moog, Percussion, Vocals
1982 Pat Terry Humanity Gangsters Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Electric Guitar, Bass, Handclaps, Background Vocals
1983 Leslie Phillips Beyond Saturday Night Songwriter
1983 Pat Terry Film at Eleven Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Songwriter, Guitars, Handclaps, Background Vocals
1983 Mark Heard Eye of the Storm Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Linn Drums, Percussion, Accordion, Mandolin, Harmonica, Xylophone, Voicehorns, Voicestrings
1983 Steve Archer Through His Eyes Songwriter
1984 Pat Terry The Silence Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Bass, Background Vocals
1984 Randy Stonehill Celebrate This Heartbeat Engineer, Guitars, Bass, Harmonica
1985 Tom Howard & Bill Batstone One by One Engineer, Mixed
1985 Randy Stonehill Stonehill Engineer, Mixed
1985 Randy Stonehill Love Beyond Reason Engineer, Mixed, Guitar
1985 Mark Heard Acoustic Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Linn Drums, Percussion, Accordion, Mandolin, Harmonica, Xylophone, Voicehorns, Voicestrings
1985 Mark Heard Mosaics Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Arranger, Songwriter, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals
1986 Tonio K. Romeo Unchained Engineer
1987 Mark Heard Tribal Opera Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Songwriter, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Vocals
1987 The Choir Chase the Kangaroo Engineer
1988 Steve Taylor The Best We Could Find Mixed
1988 Larry Norman White Blossoms from Black Roots Mixing and Mastering Supervisor
1988 Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy & Sunday's Child Songwriter, Engineer, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
1989 Randy Stonehill Return to Paradise Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Songwriter, Electric Guitars, Bass, Tambourine, Mandolin, Accordion
1989 Larry Norman Home at Last Mixed
1990 Randy Stonehill Until We Have Wings Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
1990 Buddy Greene Sojourner's Song Songwriter
1991 Julie Miller He Walks Through Walls Background Vocals
1991 Various Artists At the Foot of the Cross -Volume 1- Clouds, Rain, Fire Guitars, Vocals
1992 John Austin Embarrassing Young, The Producer, Engineer, Accordian, Guitar, Mandolin, Drum Programming, Whistle
1992 Rev. Dan Smith Just Keep Going On Background Vocals
1992 The Choir At the Foot of the Cross Engineer, Guitars, Vocals
1993 Kaiser / Mansfield Slow Burn Songwriter
1993 Randy Stonehill Stories Producer
1993 Mark Heard High Noon Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Songwriter, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric Steel Mandolin, Mandolins, Hammond Organ, Accordion, Harmonica, Kalimba, Vocals
1993 Julie Miller Orphans And Angels Songwriter
1993 The Choir Kissers and Killers Accordion
1995 Buddy Greene Minstrel Of The Lord Songwriter
2000 Mark Heard Mystery Mind Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
2009 Phil Keaggy Mystery Highway Songwriter
2009 Randy Stonehill Mystery Highway Songwriter

Mark Heard


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Dec 16, 1951
Aug 16, 1992

John Mark Heard was a record producer, folk-rock singer, and songwriter originally from Macon, Georgia, USA. Mark Heard released 16 records in his lifetime, and produced and performed with many other artists as well, such as Sam Phillips (aka Leslie Phillips), Pierce Pettis, Phil Keaggy, Vigilantes of Love, Peter Buck of R.E.M. (who co-produced VOL's album Killing Floor with Heard), John Austin, The Choir, Randy Stonehill and Michael Been of The Call. Heard produced part of Olivia Newton-John's The Rumor, which also included a cover of Heard's own "Big and Strong" (originally called "How to Grow Up Big and Strong").

After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1974 with an ABJ (bachelor of arts in journalism) degree in television, Heard travelled to Switzerland to study at L'Abri under the influential evangelical Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer. Singers Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill literally stumbled onto Mark one day playing his guitar. Norman was so impressed by Heard's abilities that he soon signed him to his record label, Solid Rock Records. Heard and his wife Janet moved to Glendale, California in 1977 to begin work on his Appalachian Melody album for the label, but would also maintain a close relationship with the people at the L'Abri for years. Heard would also record and release Fingerprint on a Swiss label in 1980.

In 1981, Heard began a recording contract with Chris Christian's Home Sweet Home Records. Although Mark's sales did not attract attention from the major Christian labels, Christian felt Mark's music was unique and fresh and deserved to be heard and funded his projects with no production oversight, which is what Mark wanted. His signing to the label was a departure from the commercial artists that Chris traditionally signed and produced on the Home Sweet Home label. Heard released five albums for the label; 1981's Stop the Dominoes, 1982's Victims of the Age; 1983's Eye of the Storm; 1984's Ashes and Light; and 1985's Mosaics. The overall experience was not one that Heard enjoyed, partly due to his personal experiences with record company executives, and partly due to compromises he felt under pressure to make in order to make himself and his songs more marketable to Christian audiences. In 1984, Heard began recording in his home studio, which he dubbed "Fingerprint Recorders", after the title of one of his earlier records. From that point on, his albums were largely made at home, with just a handful of friends and relatives lending a hand. In 1986, Heard decided to try something a little different and recorded the experimental Pop/Rock album for What? Records entitled Tribal Opera, under the name iDEoLA. When asked about the unusual name, Heard replied "It's not supposed to be mysterious or anything; I just put a band together and right now I happen to be the only one in it." Heard also directed a music video for the single of that album, "Is It Any Wonder."

With the formation of Fingerprint Records and his studio, Heard began to produce albums for a number of artists including two albums for Randy Stonehill, Jacob's Trouble, Pierce Pettis and 1992's Vigilantes of Love album, Killing Floor, which he co-produced with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck. Stonehill's Until We Have Wings including a song co-written by Heard, "Faithful," although the CD liner notes credit the song to Heard's pseudonym Giovanni Audiori.

The early 1990s saw a return to recording albums of his own, with 1990's Dry Bones Dance. Fans and reviewers alike hailed the new release as one of the best of his career. Heard followed Dry Bones Dance with Second Hand in 1991, and, finally, Satellite Sky in 1992, which would turn out to be his final release.

On July 4, 1992, Heard had a heart attack on stage while performing with Pierce Pettis and Kate Miner, at the Cornerstone Festival, near Chicago. Heard finished his set and went to the hospital immediately afterwards. Two weeks after being released from the hospital, Heard went into cardiac arrest and died on August 16, 1992. Before Heard's death, he had been included on the Legacy II sampler from Windham Hill's High Street label, and was nearly finalizing a mainstream contract with Bruce Cockburn's label, True North Records in Canada. There was also interest from Sony's Columbia Records label for distribution in the US.

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