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Rob Frazier is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1979 Petra Washes Whiter Than Songwriter, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1981 Steve Camp For Every Man Songwriter
1983 Steve Camp Fire and Ice Songwriter, Background Vocals
1984 Rob Frazier Cut it Away Songwriter, Guitar, Organ, Vocals
1984 Steve Camp It's a Dying World Songwriter
1985 The Cause Do Something Now Choir
1985 Wendell Burton Heart of Eternity Songwriter
1985 Rick Cua You're My Road Background Vocals
1985 Steve Camp Shake Me to Wake Me Production Assistance, Background Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Background Vocals
1986 Rick Cua Wear Your Colors Background Vocals
1986 Steve Camp One on One Songwriter
1987 Dave Perkins The Innocence Background Vocals
1987 Steve Camp After God's Own Heart Songwriter
1987 Margaret Becker Never For Nothing Songwriter
1988 Geoff Moore & The Distance A Place to Stand Songwriter
1988 Rick Cua Can't Stand Too Tall Songwriter, Background Vocals
1988 Steve Camp Compact Favorites Songwriter, Background Vocals
1988 Steve Camp Justice Songwriter, Background Vocals
1991 Steve Camp Consider the Cost Songwriter
1993 Pam Thum Pam Thum Background Vocals
1993 Steve Camp Taking Heaven by Storm Songwriter
1994 Steve Camp Mercy in the Wilderness Songwriter
1995 Kenny Marks World Gone Mad Songwriter
1996 Petra The Early Years Songwriter, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1999 Rob Frazier Jammin' The Blues Producer,Vocals, Accoustic and Slide guitar, Keyboards

Rob Frazier


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Oct 31, 1953

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Rob Frazier is a Christian artist, musician, songwriter, producer, worship leader, speaker, and pastor.

Frazier is the son of a pastor. He was raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and studied in King's College, New York City.

Over the years, Frazier has collaborated with numerous artists in and outside the CCM scene, including co-writing the 1982 Kansas hit "Play the Game Tonight".

In 1979 he was a member of the legendary Christian rock group Petra where he played the keyboards and guitar while trading lead vocal duties with Greg X. Volz in the album Washes Whiter Than.

After Petra, Frazier embarked in a prolific solo career releasing several albums in the meantime, as well as frequently collaborating with Steve Camp.

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Rob is currently the Associate Director of Staff Development at Artists in Christian Testimony International.

Artists in Christian Testimony International (2021) A.C.T. Int'l Home Office Staff. Retrieved: 5-Aug-2021.

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