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Tom Howard is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1977 Salvation Air Force Strangers In A Strange Land Keyboards
1977 Tom Howard View from the Bridge Songwriter, Orchestrator and Conductor, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Piano, Vocals
1979 Mark Heard Appalachian Melody Conductor, String Ensemble, Orchestration, Fender Rhodes
1980 Randy Stonehill The Sky is Falling Orchestration, Piano, Moog, Keyboards
1980 Mark Heard Fingerprint Piano, Synthesizer
1981 Dennis Agajanian Rebel to the Wrong Keyboards, Background Vocals
1981 Randy Stonehill Between the Glory and the Flame Songwriter, Synthesizer String Arranger, Piano, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
1981 Mark Heard Stop the Dominoes Keyboards
1982 Maranatha! Singers Praise Six: Come and Sing Praises Songwriter
1982 Mark Heard Victims of the Age Keyboards
1982 Daniel Amos Doppelganger Keyboards, Background Vocals
1983 Darrell Mansfield The Vision Keyboards, Background Vocals
1983 Pat Terry Film at Eleven E-mu Systems Emulator, Voice Programming and Emulator Arranger
1983 Randy Stonehill Equator Keyboards, Choir and Background Vocals
1983 Mark Heard Eye of the Storm Emulator, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer
1983 Wendell Burton Closer Synthesizers
1984 Larry Norman Quiet Night Songwriter
1984 Randy Stonehill Celebrate This Heartbeat Songwriter, Orchestration, Arranger, Piano, Synthesizers, Tympani, Background Vocals
1984 Mark Heard Ashes and Light Synthesizer
1985 Tom Howard & Bill Batstone One by One Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
1985 Randy Stonehill Love Beyond Reason Songwriter
1985 Mark Heard Greatest Hits Of Mark Heard Keyboards
1985 Mark Heard Acoustic Keyboards
1985 Mark Heard Mosaics Synthesizer
1985 Wendell Burton Heart of Eternity Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards, Background Vocals
1986 Randy Stonehill The Wild Frontier Brass Arranger, Synthesizer
1986 Terry Scott Taylor Knowledge & Innocence Background Vocals
1986 Phil Keaggy Way Back Home String Arranger
1987 Terry Scott Taylor A Briefing for the Ascent Background Vocals
1990 Randy Stonehill Until We Have Wings String Arranger, Synthesizers
1990 Terry Scott Taylor Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor: The Miracle Faith Telethon Background Vocals
1992 Darrell Mansfield Get Ready Songwriter
1993 Mark Heard Reflections of a Former Life Keyboards
1993 Guardian Miracle Mile String Arranger
1994 Guardian Swing Swang Swung String Arranger
1994 Phil Keaggy Way Back Home String and Woodwinds Arranger
1995 Petra No Doubt String Arranger and Conductor
1995 John Elefante Windows of Heaven Songwriter, Strings
1995 The Choir Speckled Bird Orchestrated
1996 Charlie Peacock Strange Language String Conductor
1997 Rick Elias Blink Piano
1997 The Waiting The Waiting String Arrangements & Conductor
1998 Randy Stonehill Thirst String Arranger, Piano, Background Vocals
1998 Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy Piano, Strings Arrangment
1998 Carman Mission 3:16 Orchestral Arrangement, String Quartet and Flute Arrangement
1998 Michael W. Smith Live the Life String Arrangements, Conductor
1998 dc Talk Supernatural Arrangements
1998 Bob Carlisle Stories From The Heart Songwriter, Orchestrated, Arranged, Piano, Background Vocals
1999 Guardian Sunday Best String Arranger
1999 Guardian Smashes String Arranger
1999 Phil Keaggy Majesty and Wonder: An Instrumental Christmas Orchestration Arranger
1999 Chris Rodriguez Beggar's Paradise String Arranger and Conductor, Hammond Organ
2000 Mark Heard Greatest Hits Keyboards
2000 Jennifer Knapp Lay It Down String Arrangements, Conductor
2000 Bob Carlisle Nothing But The Truth String Arrangements
2001 Cindy Morgan Elementary Strings
2001 Anointed If We Pray String Arrangements
2002 Sheila Walsh The Hymns Collection Arrangements
2006 Phil Keaggy Dream Again Piano ("Love Is the Reason")

Tom Howard

Feb 23, 1950
Jan 29, 2010

Tom Howard was a pianist, musical arranger, and orchestral conductor. In 1983, he helped the rock band Daniel Amos form the Alarma! Records label.

Well-known string arranger for many artists, Tom began his career in 1977 with an album on Larry Norman's Solid Rock record label. He got a meeting with Larry in 1975 thinking it would be a 45-minute pitch. After 5 or 6 hours, Norman invited him up to his office to play a few songs and then signed Tom on the spot.

After his first rock album, he came into his forte with his mid-80s solo piano albums, Harvest and Solo Piano. He also began transitioning into more behind-the-scenes work doing arranging and for other artists, and in the 90's Tom wrote string arrangements for a veritable who's-who of Christian music, appearing on projects by Bob Carlisle, Phil Keaggy, Sheila Walsh, Dolly Parton, and more. In an interview with the website Cross Rhythms, he shared, "name a Christian artist and I've probably worked with them."

Tom Howard passed away on January 29, 2010, of a heart attack while hiking in a park in Nashville. He was 59.

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