Hank Williams

Hank Williams is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1972 Pat Boone Pat Boone & The First Nashville Jesus Band Songwriter
1972 First Nashville Jesus Band Pat Boone & The First Nashville Jesus Band Songwriter
1977 Gary S. Paxton More From The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, Gary S. Paxton Engineer
1977 Dogwood Out in the Open Mastered
1979 Don Francisco Got to Tell Somebody Mastered
1980 One Truth Playing For Keeps Mastered
1980 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Live Mastered
1981 Micki Fuhrman Look Again Mastered
1981 Gabriel Rescued Mastered
1981 City Limits City Limits Mastering
1981 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Soldiers of the Light Mastered
1981 Pete Carlson Dreamer's Dream Mastered
1981 Steve Camp For Every Man Mastered
1982 Various Artists Good Night Sleep Tight Mastered
1982 Andrew Culverwell Alive Again Mastered
1982 Glenn Garrett Nothing Without You Mastered
1982 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Step Out of the Night Mastered
1983 Gordon Jensen Just in Time Mastered
1983 The Hemphills Louisiana Live Mastered
1983 Imperials Side by Side Mixed
1983 Michael W. Smith Project Mastered
1983 Steve Camp Only the Very Best Mastered
1983 Gaither Vocal Band Passin' The Faith Along Mastered
1984 Gordon Jensen Fighting the Fight Mastered
1984 Billy Sprague What A Way To Go Mastered
1984 Candy Christmas Heart of Fire Mastered
1984 The Cruse Family The Cruse Collection Mastered
1984 Billy Crockett Carrier Mastered
1984 Forerunner (a.k.a.) Mastered
1984 Brent Lamb Tug of War Mastered
1984 Don Potter Free Yourself Mastered
1984 Joe English Live Mastered
1984 Pete Carlson Child of the Heavenly Mastered
1985 Mike Warnke Stuff Happens Mastered
1985 Angie Lewis Heart Dance Mastered
1985 Larry Bryant The Artist Engineer
1985 Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty Mastered
1985 First Call An Evening in December Mastered
1986 Angie Lewis What's It Gonna Take Mastered
1986 David and Lisa Binion Nothing Can Separate Us Mastered
1986 Dennis Agajanian Friendly Fire Mastered
1986 Gold City Double Take: Live Mastered
1986 Geoff Moore Over the Edge Mastered
1987 Terri Gibbs Turnaround Mastered
1987 Scott Wesley Brown The Language of Jesus Is Love Mastered
1987 Sandi Patty The Gift Goes On Mastered
1987 Kenny Marks Make It Right Mastered
1987 Rich Mullins Pictures in the Sky Mastered
1987 First Call An Evening in December Volume 2 Mastered
1987 Paul Smith No Frills Mastered
1987 First Call Undivided Mastered
1987 First Call Somethin' Takes Over Mastered
1988 Rich Mullins Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth Mastered
1988 Eddie DeGarmo Feels Good to be Forgiven Mastered
1988 DeGarmo & Key Rock Solid: Absolutely Live Mastered
1988 Cynthia Clawson HymnSinger Mastered
1988 Ruscha Come Alive Mastered
1989 One Bad Pig Smash Mastered
1989 Kellye Huff In a Special Way Mastered
1989 David and the Giants R U Gonna Stand Up Mastered
1989 DeGarmo & Key The Pledge Mastered
1989 dc Talk DC Talk Mastered
1990 Geoff Moore & The Distance Pure and Simple Mastered
1990 Lex Rex Beat the Heat Mastered
1990 Eddie DeGarmo Phase II Mastered
1990 Michael Card The Way of Wisdom Edited
1991 Margo Smith and Holly Just the Beginning Mastered
1991 Carman Shakin' the House...Live! Mastered
1991 Billy Crockett Any Starlight Night Mastered
1991 Russ Taff Under Their Influence Mastered
1991 E.T.W. Stop! The Wild Hype Mastered
1991 Carman Addicted to Jesus Mastered
1992 Two Hearts Stand Your Ground Mastered
1992 AVB Celebrate and Party Mastered
1992 Fletch Wiley Urban Reel Mastered
1992 Seraiah Seraiah Mastered
1992 Say What? Nuclear Fishin' Mastered
1992 Whitecross High Gear Mastered
1992 Geoff Moore & The Distance A Friend Like U Mastered
1992 David and the Giants Long Time Comin' Mastered
1992 Maia Amada Maia Amada Mastered
1992 Russ Taff A Christmas Song Mastered
1993 NewSong All Around the World Mastered
1993 Carman The Absolute Best Mastered
1993 David Meece Once in a Lifetime Mastered
1993 Two Hearts Give 'em the Word Mastered
1994 NewSong One Heart at a Time: The Best of NewSong Mastered
1994 Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Mastered
1994 Gary Chapman The Light Inside Mastered
1994 Russ Taff We Will Stand Edited, Mastered
1994 David Mullen David Mullen Mastered
1995 Three Crosses Three Crosses Mastered
1995 Petra No Doubt Mastered
1995 Kenny Marks World Gone Mad Mastered
1995 Rich Mullins Brother's Keeper Mastered
1995 John Elefante Windows of Heaven Mastered
1995 Aaron Jeoffrey Aaron Jeoffrey Mastered
1995 David Meece Odyssey Mastered
1995 Steve Taylor Liver Mastered
1995 First Call Beyond December Mastered
1996 Jackson Finch Experience Mastered
1996 Aaron Jeoffrey After The Rain Mastered
1997 Miss Angie 100 Million Eyeballs Mastered
1997 Rick Elias Blink Mastered
1997 Michael Card Unveiled Hope Mastered
1997 John Elefante Corridors Mastered
1997 Chris Rice Deep Enough To Dream Mastered
1998 Randy Stonehill Thirst Mastered
1998 Margaret Becker Falling Forward Mastered
1998 Michael W. Smith Live the Life Mastered
1998 This Train Mimes of the Old West Songwriter
1999 Scarecrow & Tinmen No Place Like Home Mastered
1999 John Elefante Defying Gravity Mastered
1999 Chevelle Point #1 Mastered
1999 The Waiting Unfazed Mastered
1999 Lincoln Brewster Lincoln Brewster Mastered
1999 Michael W. Smith This Is Your Time Edited, Mastered
2000 FFH Found a Place Mastered
2000 Sierra Change Mastered
2000 Bob Carlisle Nothing But The Truth Mastered
2000 Passion One Day Live Producer
2000 Michael W. Smith Freedom Sequenced, Edited, Mastered
2001 Out of the Grey 6.1 Mastered
2002 Eoghan Heaslip Mercy Mastered
2007 Phil Keaggy The Song Within Executive Producer
2010 Passion Awakening Mastered
2012 Brenton Brown God My Rock Songwriter
2016 Sandra McCracken God's Highway Mastered
2016 Buddy Greene Someday Mastered

Hank Williams

Hank recalls laying on the floor with his dad at age 5, listening to the stereo, with "music coming from speakers on his left and his right". He learned to play trumpet, french horn, piano, and conduct choral groups. As a vocal major at Samford University, he made several records with his choral group, and realized that recording was a blending of the things he loved. When he heard about a new program at Belmont University in Nashville that focused on the music industry, he was on his way. There he met many of the industry leaders that he would work amongst later in life, and finished his degree in the very first graduating class from that program.

Hank's first job after school was at Soundwest Studios in Calgary, Alberta, CA. He returned to Nashville and soon was working at Woodland Sound Studios, where he spent the next seven years honing his mastering skills. In 1983, Hank "escaped" and became MasterMix's first employee. It was the first facility of its type, with a dedicated mixing room, along with a mastering room.

Since that time, Hank has served as both mastering engineer and managing partner. He has worked with countless artists, producers, and record labels, primarily in the country and Christian genres, and on everything from indie to platinum-selling artists. Hank mastered the 2004 Grammy-winning Best Country Album "Songs of the Louvin Bros." on Universal Records, the Country Song of the Year "Its Five O'Clock Somewhere" by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, and the Best Contemporary Blues Album, Etta James' "Let's Roll".

Hank Williams, Chief Mastering Engineer. (n.d.). Retrieved August 5, 2011, from MasterMix website: http://www.mastermix.com/about.us

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