Denis Solee

Denis Solee is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1976 Madeline Manning Jackson Running for Jesus Horns
1977 Gary S. Paxton More From The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, Gary S. Paxton Horns
1977 Dogwood Out in the Open Horns
1977 David Meece I Just Call On You Saxophone
1977 Imperials Sail On Saxophone
1977 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Grand Opening Woodwinds
1977 Amy Grant Amy Grant Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
1978 Andrew Culverwell Take Another Look Saxophone
1979 Reba Rambo The Prodigal ...According to Reba Saxophone
1979 Dogwood Ordinary Man Saxpahone
1979 Mickey & Becki Brand New Sax
1979 The Renaissance Together Flute, Tenor Sax
1979 Dallas Holm All That Matters Saxophones
1979 Amy Grant My Father's Eyes Flute, Piccolo
1980 Gary Dunham Happy Family Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax
1980 David Meece Are You Ready? Saxophone, Lyricon, Flute
1980 Amy Grant Never Alone Flute, Saxophone, Lyricon
1980 Debby Boone With My Song Saxophone
1981 James Ward Faith Takes A Vision Horns
1981 The Archers Spreadin' Like Wildfire Horns, Saxophone
1981 City Limits City Limits Horns
1981 Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Soldiers of the Light Saxophone
1981 Dallas Holm I Saw the Lord Saxophones
1981 Farrell & Farrell Make Me Ready Flute, Saxophone
1981 Pete Carlson Dreamer's Dream Sax, Flute
1981 Steve Camp For Every Man Flutes, Saxophone
1982 Cruse Cruse Bari Sax
1982 Kenny Marks Follow Him Sax
1982 David Meece Front Row Horns
1982 Glad Captured in Time Saxophones
1982 Amy Grant Age to Age Saxophone
1982 Glenn Garrett Nothing Without You Sax
1982 Kathy Troccoli Stubborn Love Saxophone
1982 Rick Cua koo-ah Saxophone
1983 Michael W. Smith Project Saxophone
1983 Dallas Holm Signal Woodwinds
1983 Steve Camp Only the Very Best Flutes
1983 Gaither Vocal Band Passin' The Faith Along Saxophone
1985 Mickey & Becki Mickey & Becki Moore Sax
1986 Dion DiMucci Velvet & Steel Sax
1986 Amy Grant Collection Flute, Lyricon
1987 Buddy Greene Praise Harmonica Clarinet
1987 First Call Undivided Saxophone
1991 Carman Shakin' the House...Live! Baritone Saxophone
1992 Amy Grant Home for Christmas Woodwinds
1993 Carman The Standard Horns
1995 Gary Oliver Gary Oliver Horns
1995 dc Talk Jesus Freak Flute
1996 Fleming & John Delusions of Grandeur Flute
1998 All Star United International Anthems for the Human Race Tenor / Baritone Sax
2001 Cindy Morgan Elementary Clarinet

Denis Solee

Multi-reed player/saxophonist Denis Solee has lived in Nashville since 1974. Interested and skilled in all types of music, he has played in military bands, symphony orchestras, Broadway shows, big bands, and small groups. He has appeared on radio, TV, films, and recordings for artists from Ray Stevens to Ray Charles; Mel Tillis to Mel Torme; Louis Bellson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Sarah Vaughn, Amy Grant, Liberace, Aretha Franklin…. and the list goes on. While he makes a living playing virtually all types of music, Denis in the last few years has focused more on his major interest: big bands and small jazz ensembles. Denis has 4 of his own albums on the Green Hills Music label and just recently released his newest CD - "Sinatra on Sax" for Village Square Music. Denis teaches ensembles at The Nashville Jazz Workshop, and is responsible for the transcriptions and arrangements performed by these ensembles.

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