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Derri Daugherty is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1982 Daniel Amos Doppelganger Engineer, Background Vocals
1983 Randy Stonehill Equator Electric Rhythm Guitar
1984 Undercover Boys and Girls Renounce the World! Mixed
1984 Evie Christmas A Happy Time Engineer
1984 Altar Boys Altar Boys Engineer
1985 Lifters What Love's All About Engineered, Mixed
1985 Crumbacher Incandescent Engineer
1985 The Choir Voices in Shadows Songwriter, Guitar
1985 Altar Boys When You're A Rebel Engineer
1986 The Choir Diamonds and Rain Songwriter
1986 The Choir Shades of Gray Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Acoustic Piano, Lead Vocals
1987 The Choir Chase the Kangaroo Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Guitars, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
1988 Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy & Sunday's Child Vocals
1989 Veil of Ashes Pain Background Vocals
1989 Undercover Volume 2 Mixed
1989 Randy Stonehill Return to Paradise Engineer
1989 The Choir Wide-Eyed Wonder Producer, Songwriter
1990 The Choir Circle Slide Producer, Songwriter
1991 Ric Alba Holes in the Floor of Heaven Executive Producer, Engineer, Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer
1991 Julie Miller He Walks Through Walls Background Vocals
1991 Various Artists At the Foot of the Cross -Volume 1- Clouds, Rain, Fire Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
1992 Plague of Ethyls Plague of Ethyls Engineer, Mixed
1992 Michael Knott Screaming Brittle Siren Mixed
1992 L.S.U. Grape Prophet, The Mixed
1992 Lost Dogs Scenic Routes Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
1992 John Austin Embarrassing Young, The Guitar
1992 The Choir At the Foot of the Cross Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Mixed, Keyboards, Bas, Guitars, Dulcimer, Vocals
1992 The Prayer Chain Whirlpool EP Engineer
1993 Poor Old Lu Mindsize Recorded, Mixed, Background Vocals
1993 Various Artists Brow Beat Unplugged Alternative Guitar, Bass, Vocals
1993 Randy Stonehill Stories Background Vocals
1993 Lost Dogs Little Red Riding Hood Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
1993 Mark Heard High Noon Acoustic Guitar, Bass
1993 Julie Miller Orphans And Angels Background Vocals
1993 The Choir Kissers and Killers Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Songwriter, Guitars, Lead Vocals
1993 The Prayer Chain Shawl Recorded
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 2 Background Vocals
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 1 Background Vocals
1995 The Choir Speckled Bird Producer, Recorded, Mixed, Songwriter, Lead Guitar, Vocals
1996 Common Children Skywire Engineer, Mixed
1996 Lost Dogs Green Room Serenade, Part One Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
1996 The Choir Free Flying Soul Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Mixed, Guitars, Vocals
1997 Common Children Delicate Fade Engineer, Mixed, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
1997 Terry Scott Taylor Ten-Gallon Hat Guitars
1997 The Choir Let It Fly Mixed, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
1997 The Waiting The Waiting Engineer
1998 Terry Scott Taylor John Wayne Guitars
1998 Polarboy Back From Nowhere Producer, Mixed
1999 Lost Dogs Gift Horse Producer, Guitars, Bass, Mandolins, Vocals
1999 Lost Dogs Best Of The Lost Dogs Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
1999 Broomtree Transparent Engineer
2000 Various Artists When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos Mixed
2000 Smalltown Poets Third Verse Songwriter
2001 Lost Dogs Real Men Cry Engineer, Guitars, Vocals
2001 Adam Again Live at Cornerstone 2000 Vocals
2001 Caedmon's Call In the Company of Angels Recorded, Mando Guitar
2002 Sheila Walsh The Hymns Collection Producer, Engineer
2002 Lost Dogs Green Room Serenade, Part Tour Mixed, Guitars, Vocals
2003 Lost Dogs Nazarene Crying Towel Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
2007 Swirling Eddies The Midget, The Speck, and The Molecule Engineered, Mixed, Guitars, Vocals
2012 Terry Scott Taylor Return to the Neverhood Engineered, Mixed
2013 Daniel Amos Dig Here Said the Angel Engineer, Mixed
2013 One: A Worship Collective We Believe (Live) Additional Engineer
2016 Geoff Moore The Next Thing Assistant Engineer, Vocals

Derri Daugherty

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Oct 13, 1958

Derri Daugherty is an American record producer, songwriter, guitarist, and singer, best known as the lead singer and guitarist for band the Choir.

Daugherty is also one of the founding members of the Roots music supergroup Lost Dogs with Terry Scott Taylor, Michael Roe, and Gene Eugene.

Daugherty began his musical career as an engineer and roadie for the band Daniel Amos. Their bassist, Tim Chandler, introduced Daugherty to Steve Hindalong and the two soon began to write songs together and eventually formed the Choir. Daugherty now owns and operates Neverland, a recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Daugherty's engineering credits include albums for Randy Stonehill, The Swoon, Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, the Prayer Chain, Riki Michele, the Waiting, Sarah Masen, Pierce Pettis, Common Children, Jeff Johnson, Caedmon's Call, Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, the Throes, and others. In recent years, Daugherty has become an accomplished producer, with albums by Twila Paris and Sheila Walsh to his credit. Perhaps his most well-known production work is with Hindalong on the City on a Hill series.

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