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Daniel Amos: Doppelganger

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jan-1982
  • Label: Alarma
  • Release #: ART-1010


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Volume II of the "Alarma! Chronicles." Reissued on CD in 1992 on Stunt Records (D-81683) with three unreleased live tracks ("Concert Intro," "Real Girls," and "Memory Lane").

Track Listing:

Hollow Man    00:00
Mall (All Over The World)    00:00
Real Girls    00:00
New Car!    00:00
Do Big Boys Cry    00:00
Youth With A Machine    00:00
The Double    00:00
Distance and Direction    00:00
Memory Lane    00:00
Angels Tuck You In    00:00
Little Crosses    00:00
Autographs For The Sick    00:00
I Didn't Build It For Me    00:00
Here I Am    00:00
Hollow Man (Reprise)    00:00


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Daniel Amos: Doppelganger
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