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    Michael Knott: Screaming Brittle Siren

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1992
    • Label: Blonde Vinyl
    • Release #: BVCD-3432


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    Michael Knott's first solo album. Similar in sound to L.S.U.'s Grape Prophet or Cash In Chaos World Tour albums, aside from the addition of cello and violin on several songs. Amazing experimental rock.

    Track Listing:

    Miles From Shame    Unknown
    Crash and Burn    Unknown
    Apocalypse Lips    Unknown
    Brittle Body    Unknown
    Blood On My Hands    Unknown
    Liar    Unknown
    Hang Me High    Unknown
    Draw the Line    Unknown
    Gold Silver Soup and Silk    Unknown
    I Am No Christ    Unknown
    What You Know Now    Unknown
    Barnacle    Unknown
    Shine A Light    Unknown


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