JB Baird

JB Baird is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1982 Rick Cua koo-ah Assistant Engineer
1984 Billy Crockett Carrier Engineer, Mixed
1985 Kenny Marks Attitude Engineer
1986 Phil Madeira Citizen of Heaven Engineer, Mixed
1986 Elim Hall Things Break Engineer
1986 Rich Mullins Rich Mullins Engineer
1986 Chris Eaton Vision Assistant Engineer
1986 Dion DiMucci Velvet & Steel Engineer
1986 Rick Cua Wear Your Colors Additional Engineer
1986 Billy Crockett Surprises in Disguises Overdub Engineer
1987 Kenny Marks Make It Right Engineer, Mixed
1987 Imperials This Year's Model Engineer
1987 Buddy Greene Praise Harmonica Engineer
1987 First Call An Evening in December Volume 2 Engineer, Mixed
1987 Paul Smith No Frills Engineer, Mixed
1987 First Call Undivided Engineer
1987 First Call Somethin' Takes Over Engineer, Mixed
1988 Scott Wesley Brown To the Ends of the Earth Engineer
1988 Cynthia Clawson HymnSinger Engineer
1989 Michael Card The Beginning Recorded and Mixed
1990 The Sparks Through Flood & Fire Engineer, Mixed
1990 David Meece Learning to Trust Engineer
1990 Geoff Moore & The Distance Pure and Simple Track Engineer, Mixed
1990 Dallas Holm Through the Flame Engineer, Mixed
1990 Phil Keaggy Find Me In These Fields Engineer, Mixed
1990 Michael Card The Way of Wisdom Engineer
1991 Shirley Caesar He's Working It Out For You Engineer
1991 Ashley Cleveland Big Town Engineer
1991 Phil Keaggy Beyond Nature Producer
1992 Michael W. Smith Change Your World Engineer
1992 PFR Pray for Rain Engineer, Mixed
1992 First Call Human Song Engineer
1992 Vince Ebo Love Is the Better Way Engineer, Background Vocals
1992 Ray Boltz Seasons Change Overdub Engineer
1993 Kenny Marks Absolutely Positively Produced, Mixed
1993 Phil Keaggy Crimson and Blue Overdub Engineer
1993 Michael Card Come to the Cradle Engineer, Mixed
1993 Susan Ashton Susan Ashton Engineer, Mixed
1994 Charlie Peacock Everything That's on My Mind Interview Engineer
1994 Phil Keaggy Blue Engineer, Mixed
1994 Michele Wagner Heart of the Journey Engineer, Mixed
1995 Jars of Clay Little Drummer Boy Mixed
1995 Rich Mullins Brother's Keeper Engineer, Mixed
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 2 Producer
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 1 Producer
1995 Chris Eaton Wonderful World Engineer
1995 Love Song Welcome Back Engineer
1995 First Call Beyond December Mixed
1996 Jackson Finch Experience Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Programming
1996 Various Artists Never Say Dinosaur Mixed
1997 Rick Cua Like a Cool Drink Mixed
1997 The Ah-Koo-Stiks Like a Cool Drink Mixed
1997 Amy Grant Behind the Eyes Engineer
1998 Honey Lost on You Mixed
1999 Watermark Watermark Overdub Engineer
1999 Steven Curtis Chapman Speechless Additional Engineer
1999 Jill Phillips Jill Phillips Engineeer, Mixed
2000 Wayne Kirkpatrick The Maple Room Engineer, Mixed
2000 Kennedy, Kirkpatrick, Madeira & Sprague Coming From Somewhere Else Engineer, Mixed
2001 Jill Phillips God & Money Mixed
2001 Jaci Velasquez Christmas Engineer
2001 Phil Keaggy Songs About What Matters Engineer
2004 Point of Grace I Choose You Engineer
2005 Jill Phillips Kingdom Come Mixed
2006 Phil Keaggy Dream Again Producer, Mixed

JB Baird

jb grew up as a child of missionary parents in Seoul, Korea. After graduating high school, he played bass in a number of different bands for about six years, as well as worked at a number of jobs which he considers to have been fairly uninteresting. While he was realizing his love for music, he felt he was not a particularly gifted performer, and so he began looking for another venue for his creative expression. That is when he discovered the world of recording engineering.

While living in the Los Angeles area, jb was introduced to veteran recording engineer, Bill Lazerus. Bill had recorded many noteable albums, such as James Taylor's Sweet Baby James, and had worked with a diverse list of artists from The Rolling Stones to Frank Sinatra. Upon learning that Lazerus conducted a program of training in the art of recording, jb was eager to sign up. After completing his training at TTG Studio in Hollywood, and at Evergreen in Burbank, jb headed for Nashville to discover his dream.

Upon arriving in Nashville in 1980, jb immediately began working for Bob Montgomery at House of Gold Music, which at that time was consistently ranked as one of the two most successful music publishing companies in Music City. For two years, jb worked there with numerous talented writers and artists, recording song demos of many songs which later became successful on both the pop and country charts. "Wind Beneath My Wings" is a good example of the many successful songs which jb recorded there, before anyone else.

In 1982, he was hired as a recording engineer by Randy Holland at what was then the newest and most innovative studio in Nashville... Bullet Recording. For the next two years, he worked there honing his craft and building relationships with many top individuals in the world of recording.

Then in April 1984, jb stepped out on his own as an independent. He feels that the years since then have been incredibly rewarding, by allowing him to do something that he loves and is talented at. Although most of his work has been with many of the best known artists in christian music, he is about much more than that. Recently he has been involed in pop projects by both (rock legend) Peter Frampton and Garth Brooks. He says that some of his most memorable moments have come through getting to play a role in many "firsts."

Among those exciting firsts: traveling to Canada in early 1986 to record what turned out to be probably the FIRST alternative project in the christian music field... elim hall's Things Break record. Rich Mullins' FIRST record in 1985 was particularly rewarding, from a creative standpoint. And getting to play any role at all, no matter how small, on a debut album for a singer as talented as Ashley Cleveland was also a career high point for jb. And more recently, he was able to mix half of the FIRST label release by the very talented and critically acclaimed group, Jars of Clay.

jb says that the ultimate pinnacle of his career to this point was another "first." It was his first (and only) completely instrumental recording... Phil Keaggy's incredible Beyond Nature, done in 1990. "Getting to be a part of that record was a definite high, both emotionally and creatively," he says of the opportunity to work with such a talented artist on one of his most absolutely brilliant recordings.

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