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The Sparks


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The husband and wife duo Greg and Rebecca Sparks began their career as members of the pop bands Found Free and Bash-N-The-Code but went on to obtain indie credential for what True Tunes would call a "relentless pursuit of honesty, compassion, and integrity through their music." Rebecca joined Found Free when she was still in high school. She and Greg met each other in that band and spent five years touring the world as friends before finally marrying. In 1987, the couple decided to tour with Russ Taff's band and pursue a quieter career as a duo. Their four albums, however, have seem them develop a progressively rockier edge.

If you take classic rock-and-roll, timeless tradition, add incredible vocals, throw in some imaginative instruments and roll them all together, you’ll find yourself with two remarkable and seasoned musicians: Greg and Rebecca Sparks.

Over the twenty-seven year course of their marriage and the thirty-three year course of their work together, they have created an original musical blend unlike any you will hear from anyone else. Their acoustic rock sound is appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds, making The Sparks a perfect choice for an event in your fellowship, community, or organization. With Greg and Rebecca Sparks, you will have a fantastic concert experience including their own original music, a few of your favorite worship songs, and inspiring renditions of classic hymns.

Their ministry work has expanded from concerts and leading worship to teaching and speaking at churches, camps, retreats and conferences on topics ranging from authentic worship, transparent faith, and passionate mission in loving God and serving in His kingdom. Drawing from their life experiences as a married couple, parents, ministers, musicians, and followers of Christ, they have a great ability to connect with people in the human struggle and point them to the divine love and created purpose we have in Jesus Christ.

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Where are they Now: 

Greg and Rebecca run The Sparks House, in Pittsburgh, PA. A non-profit organization designed to a relationship with Jesus through the arts.

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