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    Phil Keaggy: Blue

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1994
    • Label: Epic
    • Release #: EK-53591


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    This was the mainstream market version of Phil's Crimson and Blue album. It features slightly altered cover art and a different song order, and removes the tracks, "Love Divine," "Reunion of Friends," "Stone Eyes," "I Will Be There," and "Nothin' But the Blood," and adds a cover version of Badfinger's "Baby Blue," and the song, "World of Mine," and "The Further Adventures of...," a track that appeared on the limited edition, Revelator EP.

    Track Listing:

    Doin' Nothin'    00:00
    Don't Pass Me By    00:00
    Baby Blue    00:00
    All There is to Know    00:00
    John the Revelator    00:00
    World of Mine    00:00
    Everywhere I Look    00:00
    The Further Adventures of...    00:00
    All Our Wishes    00:00
    When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God?    00:00
    Shouts of Joy    00:00


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