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Michael Card: The Beginning

Album Info:

  • Release Date: 1-Jan-1989
  • Label: Sparrow
  • Release #: SPD-1219


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Part One of the Ancient Faith Trilogy, The Beginning is taken from the first major section of the Hebrew Bible, the Pentateuch, or Books of Moses.  Side one explores a major theme from each book.  Side two looks at the lives of the patriarchs.

Track Listing:

The Beginning (Genesis)    5:03
In the Wilderness (Exodus)    3:12
Jubilee (Leviticus)    2:42
Lift Up the Suffering Symbol (Numbers)    3:34
The Word Is So Near (Deuteronomy)    2:20
Meditation #3 Shema    4:14
God Will Provide a Lamb (Abraham)    4:06
They Called Him Laughter (Isaac)    3:07
Asleep on Holy Ground (Israel)    5:15
A Face That Shown (Moses)    3;23
Barocha    2:40


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Michael Card: The Beginning
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