J.R. McNeely

J.R. McNeely is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1991 Petra Unseen Power Engineer, Mixed
1991 Greg X. Volz Exodus Guitars
1991 Halo Heaven Calling Assistant Engineer
1991 Carman Addicted to Jesus Engineer, Mixed
1993 Fear Not Fear Not Engineer
1993 Julie Miller Orphans And Angels Mixed
1993 Guardian Miracle Mile Engineer, Bass
1993 The Choir Kissers and Killers Mixed
1993 Lovewar Soak Your Brain Engineer, Mixed
1993 The Prayer Chain Shawl Recorded, Mixed
1994 Guardian Swing Swang Swung Engineer, Mixed, Bass, Guitar
1994 Bride Scarecrow Messiah Engineer, Mixed
1994 The Brave Trust Bass
1994 Michael Sweet Michael Sweet Bass
1995 John Elefante Windows of Heaven Engineer, Guitars, Bass
1995 The Choir Speckled Bird Mixed
1997 Rick Elias Blink Mixed
1997 John Elefante Corridors Mixed
1998 Nikki Leonti Shelter Me Engineer, Mixed
1998 Petra God Fixation Engineer, Mixed
1998 Randy Stonehill Thirst Mixed
1998 This Train Mimes of the Old West Mixed
1999 Scarecrow & Tinmen No Place Like Home Mixed
1999 Guardian Sunday Best Engineer, Mixed, Bass, Guitar
1999 Guardian Smashes Engineer, Mixed, Bass, Guitar
1999 John Elefante Defying Gravity Mixed
1999 The Darins Darins Recorded, Mixed
1999 Aaron Sprinkle Moontraveler Mixed
2000 Aaron Sprinkle The Kindest Days Mixed
2000 Russ Lee Words in Time Mixed
2000 Sierra Change Mixed
2001 Kevin Max Stereotype Be Engineer, Mixed, Acoustic Guitar
2002 MercyMe Spoken For Engineer, Mixed
2003 FM Static What Are You Waiting For? Mixed
2004 Project 86 Songs to Burn Your Bridges By Mixed
2004 Aaron Sprinkle Lackluster Mixed
2006 Fair Carelessness Mixed
2006 Hyper Static Union Lifegiver Mixed
2006 Fair The Best Worst-Case Scenario Mixed
2007 Re:Zound 35 Weeks Mixed
2008 Remedy Drive Daylight Is Coming Mixed
2008 Jeremy Camp Speaking Louder Than Before Mixed
2012 House of Heroes Cold Hard Want Mixed
2013 House of Heroes The Knock-Down Drag-Outs Mixed
2013 John Elefante On My Way to the Sun Mixed, Bass

J.R. McNeely

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