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1 by 1 - Live!


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Jan 01, 1988


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Intro 0:00
Defender 0:00
You Can't Stand Too Tall 0:00
Sacred Fire 0:00
Silent Night 0:00
Christmas Must Be Tonight 0:00
Find Me 0:00
Yield to the Spirit 0:00
Ain't Got No 0:00
Crossroads 0:00
Rap 0:00
Who Will Save the Children 0:00


Member Role
Margaret Becker Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Rick Crawford Songwriter
Rick Cua Bass, Vocals
Devlin Donaldson Executive Producer
Joe English Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Bob Halligan, Jr. Songwriter
Gary Hedden Producer, Engineer
Robert Johnson Songwriter
Jim Kaiser Additional Engineering
Phil Keaggy Guitar, Vocals
Mary Lee Kortes Songwriter
Mike Mead Drums, Percussion
Jody Nachtigal Live Monitor Engineer
Mike Nachtigal Live Sound Engineer
Lynn Arthur Nichols Musical Director
Dave Perkins Songwriter
Robbie Robertson Songwriter
John Andrew Schreiner Production Assistance, Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Stephens Songwriter
Randy Stonehill Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Sandi Stonehill Songwriter
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