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    Various Artists: Jubilation Too

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1976
    • Label: Myrrh
    • Release #: MST-6568


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    2 LP compilation album featuring several Myrrh recording artists.

    Track Listing:

    You Ask Me Why    Unknown
    Sometimes I Need You    Unknown
    I Can't Wait    Unknown
    What a Day    Unknown
    Silver Fish    Unknown
    Jesus People    Unknown
    Deja Vu    Unknown
    Corners of My Life    Unknown
    Love In My Heart    Unknown
    I Love You, Lord    Unknown
    Last Day of My Life    Unknown
    Christmas Song For All Year 'Round    Unknown
    Window    Unknown
    I Love    Unknown
    Guardian Angel    Unknown
    You Got Me    00:00
    Meet Me Here    00:00
    Ode to Bethlehem    00:00
    For My Children    00:00
    Reachin' for the Sky    00:00


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