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    Phil Keaggy: Way Back Home

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1994
    • Label: Sparrow
    • Release #: SPD-1459


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    Remastered and updated version of Phil's 1986 album. It features some updated versions of some of the songs as well as some new tracks, most notably the heartwarming, "The 50th," which chronicles the 50th anniversary celebration of Phil's parents from an old 78 r.p.m. record.

    Track Listing:

    Way Back Home    00:00
    A New Star    00:00
    Father-Daughter Harmony    00:00
    It Could Have Been Me    00:00
    In Every Need    00:00
    She's a Dancer    00:00
    Let Everything Else Go    00:00
    Olivia    00:00
    Once I Prayed    00:00
    Noah's Song    00:00
    Maker of the Universe    00:00
    Be in Time    00:00
    Here and Now    00:00
    The 50th    00:00


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