Steve Hindalong

Jun 22, 2016
Jan 01, 1998

Steve Hindalong is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1985 The Choir Voices in Shadows Songwriter, Drums
1986 The Choir Diamonds and Rain Songwriter
1986 The Choir Shades of Gray Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Percussion
1987 Terry Scott Taylor A Briefing for the Ascent Drums
1987 Mark Heard Tribal Opera Digital Sampling
1987 The Choir Chase the Kangaroo Producer, Songwriter, Drums
1988 Adam Again Ten Songs by Adam Again Songwriter
1989 Riki Michele Big Big Town Songwriter, Cymbal Overdubs, Percussion, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Jingly Stick
1989 Veil of Ashes Pain Background Vocals
1989 The Choir Wide-Eyed Wonder Producer, Songwriter
1990 Terry Scott Taylor Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor: The Miracle Faith Telethon Drums
1990 The Choir Circle Slide Producer, Songwriter
1990 Adam Again Homeboys Songwriter, Drums
1991 L.S.U. Poplife Drums
1991 Ric Alba Holes in the Floor of Heaven Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion
1991 Mark Heard Second Hand Drums
1991 Various Artists At the Foot of the Cross -Volume 1- Clouds, Rain, Fire Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Percussion
1992 Plague of Ethyls Plague of Ethyls Producer, Drums, Percussion
1992 L.S.U. Grape Prophet, The Percussion, Voice of Grape Prophet
1992 John Austin Embarrassing Young, The Producer, Drums, Percussion
1992 Rev. Dan Smith Just Keep Going On Percussion, Hand Claps
1992 The Choir At the Foot of the Cross Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Vocals
1992 The Prayer Chain Whirlpool EP Producer
1993 Poor Old Lu Mindsize Percussion
1993 Various Artists Brow Beat Unplugged Alternative Percussion
1993 Mark Heard High Noon Drums
1993 Julie Miller Orphans And Angels Percussion
1993 Daniel Amos Motorcycle Drums, Percussion
1993 The Choir Kissers and Killers Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals
1993 The Prayer Chain Shawl Producer, Shaker, Tamborine, Harmonica
1994 L.S.U. Grace Shaker Cat Food Tin, Plastic Waste Receptacle
1995 The Choir Speckled Bird Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
1995 The Prayer Chain Mercury Producer, Percussion, Vox Continental Organ
1995 First Call Beyond December Engineer, Percussion
1996 The Prayer Chain Antarctica Produced, Recorded, Percussion
1996 Common Children Skywire Producer, Percussion, Toy Piano
1996 The Choir Free Flying Soul Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Child's Piano, Kenyan Whistle, Vocals
1997 Common Children Delicate Fade Producer, Percussion
1997 The Choir Let It Fly Songwriter, Drums, Vocals
1997 All Star United All Star United Percussion
1997 The Waiting The Waiting Producer, Songwriter, Percussion
1997 Marty McCall Images of Faith Drums, Percussion
1997 White Heart Redemption Percussion
1998 All Star United International Anthems for the Human Race Percussion
1998 Steve Hindalong Skinny Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Vocals
1998 Polarboy Back From Nowhere Percussion
1998 The Normals Better Than This Percussion, Drums
1999 Adam Again Worldwide Favorites Songwriter, Drums
1999 The Waiting Unfazed Songwriter
1999 Broomtree Transparent Percussion
1999 Julie Miller Broken Things Percussion
1999 Newsboys Love Liberty Disco Percussion
2000 Various Artists When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos Percussion
2000 Adam Again Homeboys / Dig Songwriter, Drums
2000 Smalltown Poets Third Verse Songwriter
2001 Common Children The Inbetween Time Percussion
2001 Mitch McVicker Chasing the Horizon Percussion
2001 Adam Again Live at Cornerstone 2000 Songwriter, Vocals
2001 Caedmon's Call In the Company of Angels Producer, Songwriter
2002 Terry Scott Taylor Random Acts & Hodgepodge Songwriter, Vocals
2003 Lost Dogs Nazarene Crying Towel Percussion
2007 Swirling Eddies The Midget, The Speck, and The Molecule Percussion
2010 All Star United The Good Album Percussion
2012 Terry Scott Taylor Return to the Neverhood Drums, Percussion, Assorted Effects
2013 Daniel Amos Dig Here Said the Angel Percussion
2016 Geoff Moore The Next Thing Percussion, Drums
2016 Jean Watson Wonder Percussion

Steve Hindalong

Steve Hindalong has been a member of:

Nov 29, 1959

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Steve Hindalong is an American drummer, percussionist, songwriter, and producer best known for his work with the alternative rock band The Choir. Since 2006, Hindalong has also been an official member of the alternative country supergroup Lost Dogs.

After becoming a prolific producer in the late 1990s, Hindalong received several Dove awards (2001 and 2003, "Special Event Album of the Year") for his work on the City on a Hill project. Hindalong also co-wrote "God of Wonders" with Marc Byrd, which was used by NASA to wake up Discovery astronaut Michael Fossum.

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