Leland Sklar

Leland Sklar is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1973 Mike Deasy Letters To My Head Bass
1974 Barry McGuire Lighten Up Bass
1975 Jamie Owens-Collins Growing Pains Bass
1975 The Archers Things We Deeply Feel Bass
1976 Michael Omartian Adam Again Bass
1976 Annie Herring Through a Child's Eyes Bass
1976 Phil Keaggy Love Broke Thru Bass
1977 Barry McGuire Have You Heard Bass
1977 John Fischer Inside Bass
1977 Candle To The Chief Musician, Chapter II Musician
1980 Debby Boone With My Song Bass
1980 Phil Keaggy Ph'lip Side Bass
1980 2nd Chapter of Acts The Roar of Love Bass
1982 John Fischer Dark Horse Bass
1983 Leslie Phillips Beyond Saturday Night Bass
1983 Debby Boone Surrender Bass
1983 2nd Chapter of Acts Singer Sower Bass
1984 Michael W. Smith 2 Bass
1984 Harry Browning Push Back the Darkness Bass
1984 Laury Boone Browning Push Back the Darkness Bass
1985 2nd Chapter of Acts Night Light Bass
1986 Harry Browning No Alibis Bass
1986 Steve Camp One on One Bass
1987 Debby Boone Friends For Life Bass
1987 Evie Christmas Memories Bass
1987 Steve Camp After God's Own Heart Bass
1988 Steve Camp Compact Favorites Bass
1988 Steve Camp Justice Bass
1989 Phil Keaggy The Best of Keaggy Bass
1990 Phil Keaggy What a Day / Love Broke Thru Bass
1990 Julie Miller Meet Julie Miller Bass
1991 Bruce Carroll Sometimes Miracles Hide Bass
1991 Ricky Skaggs My Father's Son Bass
1991 Steve Camp Consider the Cost Bass
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 2 Bass
1995 Phil Keaggy Time 1 Bass
1995 Chris Eaton Wonderful World Bass
1995 Carolyn Arends I Can Hear You Bass
1995 Michael W. Smith I'll Lead You Home Bass
1996 Steven Curtis Chapman Signs of Life Bass
1996 Sierra Devotion Bass
1997 Bruce Carroll For The Record Bass
1999 Steve Camp Abandoned to God Bass
2000 Jonathan Pierce Sanctuary Bass
2001 Steven Curtis Chapman Declaration Bass
2006 Michelle Tumes Michelle Tumes Bass

Leland Sklar

May 28, 1947

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