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David Jahnsen

David Jahnsen is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1978 Phil Keaggy The Master & The Musician Engineer
1986 Idle Cure Idle Cure Assistant Engineer
1987 Crystal Lewis Beyond the Charade Mixed, Background Vocals
1988 Idle Cure Tough Love Engineer
1988 Shout It Won't Be Long Mixed
1988 Jon Gibson Change of Heart Engineer
1988 Mike Stand Do I Stand Alone Engineer
1988 Mark Farner Just Another Injustice Engineer
1989 D.O.X. Through the Fire Engineer
1989 Shout In Your Face Engineer, Mixed
1989 World Theatre World Theatre Engineer
1989 Crystal Lewis Joy Engineer
1989 Benny Hester Perfect Engineer, Mixed
1989 Liaison Liaison Engineer
1989 Angelica Angelica Engineer
1989 Mark Farner Wake Up... Engineer
1989 Altar Boys Forever Mercy Engineer
1990 Idle Cure 2nd Avenue Engineer, Mixed
1990 Vengeance Rising Once Dead Engineer, Mixed
1990 Ken Tamplin An Axe to Grind Mixed
1990 David Zaffiro In Scarlet Storm Mixed
1990 Mike Stand Simple Expression Engineer, Mixed
1990 Rick Elias Rick Elias & the Confessions Engineer, Mixed
1991 Peter Shambrook Peter Shambrook Engineer
1991 Rick Elias Ten Stories Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Background Vocals
1991 Linda Elias The Meaning of Love Engineer, Mixed, Background Vocals
1991 Stephen Crumbacher Take It In Engineer, Mixed
1991 Idle Cure Inside Out Engineer, Mixed
1992 Shout At the Top of Their Lungs Engineer, Mixed
1992 S.F.C. Phase III Digital Editing
1993 Straight Company So Excited: Acapella Mixed
1993 Angelica Greatest Hits Engineer
1994 4Him The Ride Additional Engineering
1995 Dallas Holm Face of Mercy Engineer, Mixed
1995 East to West North of the Sky Engineer, Mixed
1996 Bob Carlisle Shades of Grace Recorded and Mixed
1997 Rick Elias Blink Engineer
1997 Bob Carlisle Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace) Engineered, Mixed
1999 The Waiting Unfazed Engineer
2000 Rick Elias Confessions of a Ragamuffin Man Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Background Vocals
2007 Phil Keaggy The Master and the Musician (reissue) Engineer

David Jahnsen

David Reese Jahnsen (Apr 21, 1958-Jan 29, 2007) was born in Sacramento, CA. He graduated from Encina High School and joined the Marine Corps Band, where he played for Bob Hope, President Carter, and in the Rose Parade. He also learned to fly while at El Toro. David became a recording engineer whose notable works included "Butterfly Kisses" & the soundtrack for "That Thing You Do!" He worked with artists including Bill Baumgart, Bob Carlisle, Rick Elias, and 4Him and won several Promax Awards. His most recent work was in television for ABC. David loved to joke, to laugh and to make others happy, but he loved his children most of all. He was a cherished father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, husband, coworker, and friend.

Published in the Sacramento Bee on 2/7/2007.

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