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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1983 Vector Mannequin Virtue Drums
1984 Seventy Sevens All Fall Down Drums
1986 Charlie Peacock Charlie Peacock Beat Box
1987 Seventy Sevens 77's Drums
1988 Steve Scott Lost Horizon Drums
1989 Vector Simple Experience Songwriter, Drums
1989 Charlie Peacock West Coast Diaries Volume 3 Drums
1990 Steve Scott Magnificent Obsession Drums
1990 Michael Roe More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be Drums
1990 Seventy Sevens Sticks and Stones Songwriter, Drums
1991 Charlie Peacock Love Life Drums, Percussion
1991 Margaret Becker Simple House Drums
1991 Seventy Sevens Eighty Eight Drums
1991 Jimmy Abegg Entertaining Angels Drums
1992 Rich Lang Big Dream Drums
1992 Seventy Sevens Pray Naked Songwriter, Drums
1993 Margaret Becker Soul Drums
1995 Rich Mullins Brother's Keeper Producer, Drums, Percussion, Hambone, Background Vocals
1995 Vector Time Flies Songwriter, Drums
1995 Michael Roe Safe As Milk Drums
1995 dc Talk Jesus Freak Drums
1995 Seventy Sevens Drowning with Land in Sight Songwriter, Drums
1996 Seventy Sevens 1 2 3 Drums
1996 Charlie Peacock In the Light: The Very Best of Charlie Peacock Drums, Percussion
1997 Rick Elias Blink Drums
2000 Chris Taylor Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth Drums, Percussion

Aaron Smith

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