The Christian Music Archive Podcast

It is an honor to welcome Larnelle Harris to the podcast. Larnelle has one of the biggest voices in Gospel music and has been singing for nearly 50 years. He’s released 24 albums, been awarded 5 Grammy Awards, 11 Dove Awards, and numerous hall of fame inductions. Larnelle shares stories about digging wells in Malawi and singing in the Kremlin, using the tools and gifts God gave him.

I’m honored to be joined by Caroline Cobb on the podcast today. Caroline has a new album out this month called A King & His Kindness, which I’m sure we’ll talk about today. But something else that intrigues me is a challenge she took in 2011 to write a song for every book in the Bible. That’s 66 songs. Let’s find out more about that challenge and learn a little more about the new album.

CeCe Winans is one of the busiest women in Gospel Music. She has been making music for almost 50 years, first singing at her church, then as part of the groundbreaking duo BeBe and CeCe Winans with her brother. She has gone on to a fantastic solo career, releasing more than 15 solo projects, and is the best-selling female gospel artist of all time. CeCe comes from a music family. There’s Mom & Pop Winans. Her brothers formed The Winans. Her nieces and nephews have formed groups. I mean, music is in CeCe’s DNA! With that kind of heritage, you might expect a diva of sorts.

Brian and Christa Yak met in college as members of the same jazz group. After spending time together on a tour or two, they discovered that they had similar “father stories.” And as they learned more about their earthly fathers, they realized that their heavenly father would fill some empty shoes left behind by their dads. And now that they are married and starting a family of their own, the fatherhood of God takes on a new meaning. So, it’s a real honor for me to introduce you to Brian and Christa from the band For the Fatherless.

It was the 1990s, and I was promoting concerts in Oregon and Washington. I did a short three-leg tour with Audio Adrenaline and got introduced to guitarist Barry Blair and the rest of the band. But after that tour, Barry up and disappeared! So whatever happened to Barry Blair? Well, today you are about to find out because all the way from Wilmore, Kentucky, I’m chatting with the original guitarist for Audio Adrenaline, Barry Blair.

Today’s episode is a treat for me on many levels. One of the early records in my collection as a high school student was Night Watch by Fletch Wiley. As a young trumpet player, I saw this album as a path to my potential future. Maybe I would record an album one day. On another level, as I expanded my awareness of music, I began to see Fletch’s name on other projects by Candle, Pam Mark Hall, and Marty McCall & Fireworks. Oh yea, and you can’t forget his work with Andraé Crouch as a bandleader and arranger.

If you are tuning in to today’s podcast because of my guest, I’d be interested in knowing how you know Andrew Greer. Maybe you have been listening to his music. Or maybe you recognize him from the TV show Dinner Conversations with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer. Or it could be because you read a book or article he has written. And quite possibly, you are a listener to his podcast with Patsy Clairmont called Bridges. So, whatever the reason you are listening, I hope you enjoy our exchange.

Today’s conversation is with Michael O’Brien. Michael was the lead singer of the group NewSong for several years. He also had a successful solo career spanning more than 25 years. But despite the powerful ministry and successful career, Michael had a secret that he kept hidden from his family and friends. And that secret started to ruin his life and was about to destroy his marriage. This is a story that we can all learn from, and I hope you will share this episode with men you know who might be struggling with sexual purity.