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Kirk Franklin

Nu Nation Project


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Jan 01, 1998


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Interlude: The Verdict 0:00
Revolution 0:00
Lean on Me 0:00
Something About the Name Jesus 0:00
Riverside 0:00
He Loves Me 0:00
Gonna Be a Lovely Day 0:00
Praise Joing [Remix] 0:00
Hold Me Now 0:00
You Are 0:00
Interlude: The Car (Stomp) 0:00
If You've Been Delivered 0:00
Smile Again 0:00
Love [Remix] 0:00
My Desire 0:00
Blessing in the Storm 0:00
I Can 0:00


Member Role
Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements, Digital Editing, Piano, Vocals
1NC Vocals
Jerome Allen Bass
Rance Allen Vocals
Keith Anderson Alto & Tenor Sax
Gerald Baillergeau Mixed, Remixed
Marilyn Baker Viola
Brenton Banks Violin
Len Barrett Percussion
Tim Barrett Bass
Ira Bassitt Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
Bobby Becker Viola
Chris Bell Engineer
Tom Bender Assistant Engineer
Rayse Biggs Trumpet
Mary J. Blige Vocals
Kevin Bond Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Bono Vocals
Gary Bovyer Bass Clarinet
Bobby Brockman Co-Produer, Engineer, Mixed
James Brown Songwriter
Denyse Buffum Viola
Bobby Byrd Songwriter
Darius Campo Violin
Bobby Carr Contra Bass Clarinet
Jules Chaiken Orchestra Conductor
Milton Chan Mixed
Pip Clarke Violin
George Clinton Jr. Songwriter
Tom Coins Mastered
Bootsy Collins Songwriter
Dalon Collins Vocals
John Congleton Assistant Engineer
Matt Cooker Cello
Larry Corbett Cello
Beverly Dahike Alto Clarinet
Isabelle Daskoff Violin
Drew Dembowski Bass
Ken Deranteriasian Recorded
Assa Drori Violin
Nathan East Bass
Arni Egilsson Bass
Ernie Ehrhardt Cello
The Family Background Vocals
Bobby Fernandez Recorded
Claire Fisher String Arrangements, Conductor
Paul Fried Bass Flute
Armen Garabedian Violin
David Gleeson Recorded
Gods Property Vocals
Gospel Tabernacle Church Choir Vocals
LaKisha Grandy Vocals
Lynn Grants Viola
Maurice Grants Cello
Gary Gray Alto Clarinet
Ernie Green DJ
Phil Green Assistant Engineer
Mick Guzouski Mixed, Remixed
Steve Hall Mastered
Fred Hammond Mixed, Vocals
Ray Hammond Mixed
Jennifer Hanson Viola
Jerome Harmon String Arrangements, Organ
Mark Harper Guitars
Clayton Haslop Violin
Jeremy Haynes Drums
Gwen Heller Violin
James Henderson Vocals
Amy Hershberger Violin
Paula Hochhalter Cello
Tiffany Hu Violin
Greg Huckins Alto Flute
Jimmy Iovine Executive Producer
Terry Jackson Guitars
Rodney Jerkins Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements, Engineers, Programming, Vocals
Lisa Johnson Violin
Anne Karam Cello
R. Kelly Vocals
Raymond Kelly Cello
Anthony Kilhosser Assistant Engineer
Tim Kimsey Recorded, Mixed
Igor Kiskatchi Violin
Laura Kuennen-Pope Viola
Vicki Mack Lataillade Executive Producer
Michael Landau Guitars
Ricky Lawson Drums
Ronald Lenhoff Songwriter
Brian Leonard Violin
Crystal Lewis Vocals
Frances Liu-Wu Bass
Jeremy Lubbock String Arrangements
Norman Ludwin Bass
Earl Madison Cello
Tamela Mann Vocals
Miguel Martinez Cello
Donnie McClurkin Vocals
Men of Standard Vocals
Victor Merritt Mixed, Remixed
Lee Charles Mitchell Tenor Sax
Dennis Molchan Violin
Erick J. Morgan Drums
Walter Morrison Songwriter
Jennifer Mulay Violin
James Murray Assistant Engineer
Irma Neumann Violin
Nu Nation Vocals
O.D. Wyatt High School Choir Vocals
Don Palmer Violin
Andrew Picken Viola
Kazi Pitelka Viola
Herb Powers Mastered
Karie Prescott Viola
Dave Puryear Assistant Engineer
Luis Quine Assistant Engineer
Dave Rideau Recorded
Malcolm Robertson Horn Arrangements, Trombone
Linda Rose Violin
Anatoly Rosinsky Violin
Bill Ross String Arrangements, Conductor
James Ross Viola
Robert Sanov Violin
John Scanlon Viola
Skip Scarborough Songwriter
Randy Scott Saxophone
Dan Shea Co-Producer, Recorded, Keyboards, Programming
Garry Shider Songwriter
Bobby Sparks II Co-Producer, Programming, Organ
Eve Sprecher Violin
Cecilia Tsan Cello
Adrian van Velsen Digital Editing
Jim Walker Alto Flute
Francine Walsh Violin
Skip Warren Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Miwako Watanabe Violin
Caltomeesh Westheimer Vocals
Paul Westheimer Assistant Engineer
Mark Williams Mixed
Elizabeth Wilson Violin
Bill Withers Songwriter
Gary Woodward Bass Flute
Bernie Worrell Songwriter
Shari Zippert Violin
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