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Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin and the Family


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Jun 29, 1993


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Why We Sing 0:00
He's Able 0:00
Silver & Gold 0:00
Call on the Lord 0:00
Real Love 0:00
He Can Handle It 0:00
A Letter from My Friend 0:00
The Family Worship Medley 0:00
Speak to Me 0:00
Till We Meet Again 0:00


Member Role
Songwriter, Arranger, Vocals
Jerome Allen Bass
Minister Darrell Blair Choir Vocals
Kevin Bond Remixed
Sheila Brice Choir Vocals
Paul Christiansen Engineer
Cassandra Cleveland-Robertson Choir Vocals
Bryon Cole Choir Vocals
Dalon Collins Choir Vocals
Tommy Colter Choir Vocals
Elder Jonathan Drummond Choir Vocals
Arthur Dyer Musical Director, Music Overdubs
Rodney Frazier Mixed, Music Overdubs
Kiesha Grandie Choir Vocals
Steve Hall Mastered
Jerome Harmon Keyboards
Demetrius Hereford Choir Vocals
Donald Lawrence Remixed
Jon Ligon Overdubs Engineer
Steve Lowery Engineer
David Mann Choir Vocals
Tamela Mann Choir Vocals
Yolanda McDonald Choir Vocals
Erick J. Morgan Drums
Terri Pace Choir Vocals
Keith Rust Overdubs Engineer, Mixed
Bobby Sparks II Keyboards
Duwan Stalings Choir Vocals
Anthony Thomas Lead Guitar
Nelda Washington Choir Vocals
Ramona White Choir Vocals
Janette Williams Choir Vocals
Mark Williams Remix Engineer
Teresa Young Choir Vocals
Carrie Young-Davis Choir Vocals
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