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    Cover Image Title Artist Release Date Release Number
    Early Works/ Signature Series Early Works/ Signature Series Wayne Watson 1-Jan-2000
    Signature Songs Signature Songs Pam Thum 1-Dec-1999
    Signature Songs Signature Songs Kim Hill 1-Jan-1999
    Signature Songs Signature Songs Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1999 4418307029
    Who Do You Love Who Do You Love Glad 1-Jan-1987 RO-2353
    Crossover Crossover Dan Peek 1-Jan-1987 RO-2376
    First Things First First Things First Tony Elenburg 1-Aug-1986 MH1077
    Arms of Love Arms of Love Candy Christmas 1-Jan-1986 RO-3999
    Long Journey Home Long Journey Home Cruse 1-Jan-1986 84418-23231
    Breath On the Windowpane Breath On the Windowpane David Martin 1-Jan-1986
    Electro Voice Electro Voice Dan Peek 1-Jan-1986 RO-3834
    Only the Overcomers Only the Overcomers Harvest 1-Jan-1986 RO-3936
    Praise and Worship Praise and Worship Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1986 84418-23382
    The Poet The Poet Don Francisco 1-Jan-1985 RO-3916
    Classics Classics Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1985 RO-3954
    Best of Harvest Best of Harvest Harvest 1-Jan-1985 MH-1069
    Good Advice Good Advice James Ward 1-Jan-1985
    Champion of Love Champion of Love Glad 1-Jan-1985 MH-1076
    Live at the Kennedy Center Live at the Kennedy Center Glad 1-Jan-1984 R03971
    The Best Of Tim Sheppard The Best Of Tim Sheppard Tim Sheppard 1-Jan-1984 RO3748
    Best of Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Best of Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Andrus, Blackwood & Co. 1-Jan-1984 RO-3763
    No Less Than All No Less Than All Glad 10-Sep-1983 RO-3951
    Live-Rise Again Live-Rise Again Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1983 R3441
    Signal Signal Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1983 R-3947
    Step Out of the Night Step Out of the Night Andrus, Blackwood & Co. 1-Jan-1982 R3942
    Nothing Without You Nothing Without You Glenn Garrett 1-Jan-1982 R-3972
    Captured in Time Captured in Time Glad 1-Jan-1982 R-3941
    Holm, Sheppard & Johnson Holm, Sheppard & Johnson Holm, Sheppard & Johnson 1-Jan-1981 R-3583
    Forever Forever Tim Sheppard 1-Jan-1981 R-3572
    Love Explosion Love Explosion Karen Voegtlin 1-Jan-1981 R3727
    Soldiers of the Light Soldiers of the Light Andrus, Blackwood & Co. 1-Jan-1981 R3738
    I Saw the Lord I Saw the Lord Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1981 R-3723
    It Is Written It Is Written Glenn Garrett 1-Jan-1980 R-3741
    Dreamin' Dreamin' Reba Rambo 1-Jan-1980
    Live Live Andrus, Blackwood & Co. 1-Jan-1980 R-3570
    Looking Back at the Best of Dallas Holm Looking Back at the Best of Dallas Holm Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1980 R-3709
    Playing For Keeps Playing For Keeps One Truth 1-Jan-1980 R3556
    This is My Song This is My Song Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1980 R-3714
    All That Matters All That Matters Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1979 R-3558
    The Prodigal...According to Reba The Prodigal...According to Reba Reba Rambo 1-Jan-1979
    His Last Days His Last Days Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1979 R-3534
    In the Beginning In the Beginning The Archers 1-Jan-1979
    Misty Morning Misty Morning Karen Voegtlin 1-Jan-1979
    Songtailor Songtailor Tim Sheppard 1-Jan-1979 R3501
    Following You Following You Andrus, Blackwood & Co. 1-Jan-1978 R-3515
    The Lady Is a Child The Lady Is a Child Reba Rambo 1-Jan-1978
    Tell 'em Again Tell 'em Again Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1978 R-3480
    Inside My Room Inside My Room Tim Sheppard 1-Jan-1977
    Grand Opening Grand Opening Andrus, Blackwood & Co. 1-Jan-1977 R3467
    & Praise... Live & Praise... Live Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1977 R-3441
    Gospel Truth Gospel Truth One Truth 1-Jan-1977 R3469
    Lady Lady Reba Rambo 1-Jan-1976
    Diary Diary Tim Sheppard 1-Jan-1976 R3394
    Just Right Just Right Dallas Holm 1-Jan-1976 R-3391
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