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Building 429


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In late 1999, bassist Scotty Beshears and guitarist/vocalist Jason Roy met in North Carolina at the final performance of Roy's band All Too Familiar. Beshears had formerly been involved with Elijah's Ride, another independent band. They teamed up with drummer Christian Führer to form a new band which blended modern pop-rock music with Christian-themed lyrics. The trio began to perform under the name "Building 429."

According to Jason Roy, the band's name originated from a youth group. Roy's wife Cortni had once belonged to a youth group that had a system called the "429 Challenge," based on Ephesians 4:29. Whenever someone in the group spoke negatively about another, others were allowed to issue a verbal "four twenty-nine." This resulted in the offender having to say something nice to the person that was offended. The band members took this challenge and created a name around it - building one another up, hence, "Building 429."

Throughout the year 2000, Building 429 held a relentless touring schedule, with over 100 shows played and 3,000 copies of their first (self-titled) CD sold. They also sold over 1,000 copies of a 4 track self-titled EP mastered by Anthony Rhodes, who several years later went on to become the bass player of a very well received Raleigh band, Left Outlet. In 2001, they deepened their sound by adding a second guitarist, Paul Bowden, to their lineup. Further success saw the band place number 1 on Flicker Records' A&R online website and forum. Much of the band's early success can be attributed to their extensive touring schedule and tendency to write and perform upbeat, commercially-friendly pop-rock songs.

In the summer of 2002, Building 429 released the EP Preflight, featuring three rough-mixed recordings from their forthcoming second independent release and four acoustic demos. This EP was only available at live shows and on the band's website. In the fall of 2002, the band's second full-length independent album, entitled Flight, was released. Initially packaged as a CD-R in a sleeve with no artwork (save for a thermal printed disc label), the album was sold at shows and through the band's website. In 2003, the album was re-titled Building 429 and was professionally pressed and repackaged in a full-sized jewel case with complete artwork. 2002 ended with Saul Johnson replacing Chris Führer as drummer.

In 2003, Building 429 continued to tour in and around North Carolina promoting their music and independent album. When Saul Johnson left the band mid-year, Michael Anderson was hired as drummer. Anderson had formerly played for Remember Jonah, a North Carolina based Christian rock band that had played with Building 429 earlier in the year. During the summer, Building 429 joined rock worship band Sonicflood on tour. This experience would garner the band national exposure, leading to a record deal with Warner Music Group label Word Records. Studio work immediately began on the band's major-label debut album.

"Glory Defined," Building 429's first nationally serviced radio single, rose to number 1 on eight combined Christian AC and CHR charts in early 2004, remaining number 1 on Christian Radio Weekly's (CRW) AC chart for ten consecutive weeks and claiming the spot faster than any single in the history of the publication. The song was the title track from the Glory Defined EP, released April 6, 2004. The EP featured three full-mix tracks (the title track, "Free," as well as "Show Me Love") and two "unplugged" songs, "The Space In Between Us" and "All You Ask Of Me." A second, AC mix version of "Glory Defined" was also on the EP. O n July 27, 2004, Building 429's national debut, Space In Between, was released. Produced by Jim Cooper, the album gave three more radio hits, including "Above It All," "The Space In Between Us," and "No One Else Knows." The release of the album was followed by major touring with artists such as Jeremy Camp, Tree63, and Sonicflood.

Building 429 received four Dove Award nominations and was honored as New Artist of the Year by the Gospel Music Association in 2005. Touring also continued alongside artists Todd Agnew, BarlowGirl, Casting Crowns and Paul Colman. An expanded edition of Space In Between was released in August 2005, which included the full original album plus two tracks from the Glory Defined EP ("All You Ask of Me" and "Free"), the AC mix of "Glory Defined," a radio mix of "No One Else Knows" and a cover of Chris Tomlin's "Famous One." Early in 2005, Jesse Garcia (formerly of Afterglo) was asked to fill in for guitarist Paul Bowden after Bowden suffered an elbow injury during an autograph session. When Bowden returned, the band decided to keep Garcia on as a third guitarist and keyboardist, allowing lead vocalist Jason Roy to concentrate more on singing during concerts. By the fall of 2005, the band was back in the studio to record their second album, Rise.

Produced by Monroe Jones, Rise (released March 14, 2006) featured a heavier sound more in line with the band's live performances. The first singles to be released from the record included "Searching For a Savior," "Fearless" and "I Belong to You." The album also included guest vocals from former dc Talk member Michael Tait and a cover of Blessid Union of Souls' hit "I Believe." In January 2006 it was announced that guitarist Paul Bowden would be leaving the band at the end of the month to pursue other areas of ministry. As of this writing, the band has not replaced Bowden or expressed any intention of doing so.

Following the release of Rise, Building 429 headlined their own tour with TAIT, the band fronted by former dc Talk member Michael Tait. Parts of the tour also featured Travel the Road missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker. In September 2006, the band returned to the studio to begin recording the follow-up album to Rise. The end of 2006 saw Building 429 travel to Germany for their first overseas tour; shows were performed in Heidelberg, Hanau, Baumholder, and Denmark.

In January 2007, the band officially announced through its e-mail list, website and MySpace page that bassist and band founder Scotty Beshears had left the band to pursue "another chapter" in his life. Touring bassist Aaron Branch was then hired; however, the band officially remains a threesome according to its MySpace page and website. Recording continued throughout January for Building 429's third major studio release, entitled Iris to Iris. "Grace That is Greater," a track from the album, was made available as a digital single through the iTunes music service on March 6, 2007. During the spring of 2007, Building 429 joined another former dc Talk member, TobyMac, on the "Portable Sounds Tour," which also featured Thousand Foot Krutch and Family Force 5. Iris to Iris, released May 1, 2007 and produced by Brown Bannister, took the band's album lineup in a different direction. According to the band's MySpace page, Jason Roy (principal songwriter) felt that initial songwriting sessions were not turning out material that was right for the band or the project. The band "sensed that God was calling them in a new direction." After praying about the circumstances and the music they were creating, the band made the decision to strictly focus the songs on God. After that, according to Roy, "the songs just started to flow. It was the easiest, most fulfilling, and most fun songwriting process we have ever experienced." The resulting 11-track Iris to Iris became a collection of original worship songs and two hymn reworkings ("Grace That is Greater" and "Search Me O God"), making for a mellower and more ethereal-sounding record than past recordings from the group. Building 429 also saw a change in writing, as band members Michael Anderson and Jesse Garcia joined Jason Roy in the songwriting process, along with veteran Christian songwriter Chris Eaton.

In May 2007 the band embarked on a month-long schedule of tour dates with up-and-coming band Jackson Waters to promote Iris to Iris. After performing a few festivals in the summer, Building 429 continued with a second leg of their touring with Jackson Waters, adding Storyside:B and 2006 GMA New Artist of the Year The Afters to the performance lineup. Touring continued in 2008 with Pillar, Wavorly and Brooke Barrettsmith on Pillar's "For the Love of the Game" tour (February 22-April 6), and with Remedy Drive and Bread of Stone on the Lifelight Communications' "Lifelight" tour (April 9–19).

On February 16, 2008, Building 429 announced a fan contest on its official Myspace page. A link was provided to a contest Web page which listed four requirements, of which fans with Myspace profiles were asked to complete two. These requirements included adding a Building 429 rotating web banner to the contestant's profile, adding the song “Singing Over Me” to the contestant's profile, putting Building 429 in the contestant's "Top 8 Friends" and changing the default profile picture to Building 429’s default profile picture. Each Monday beginning February 18, 2008, a contestant was chosen as the weekly winner and received a T-shirt, a copy of the Iris to Iris album, a signed poster and a drumstick. Winners were announced by name in blog posts on Building 429's Myspace page. On April 14, a grand prize winner was chosen to win an iPod Nano.

On July 3, 2008, the band released Glory Defined: The Best of Building 429, a greatest hits collection from the albums under the Word Records label. The CD contained all previously released tracks.

A press release dated September 10, 2008 stated that Building 429 had moved to INO Records after almost five years with Word Records. The self-titled album Building 429 was released on October 21, 2008 to mark the "new beginning" of the band with the new label. "End of Me" was the first single from the new album to be released to Christian AC and CHR radio outlets, followed by "Overcome". Soul-Audio, a Christian music publication, granted the album an average score, speaking highly of the band by saying "Forget the future—the present is pretty bright for this trio."

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October 29, 2015

Franklin, Tenn - GRAMMY®-nominated and multi-award winning band Building 429; has received their first RIAA®-Gold certification for their single "Where I Belong." Since its release, this BMI Song of the Year has garnered other top honors, such as Billboard's Christian Song of the Year and Christian AC radio'

August 20, 2015

Franklin, Tenn – GRAMMY-nominated band Building 429 is set to release their anticipated new studio album, Unashamed, September 25 (Essential Records).

May 05, 2015

Frankin, Tenn - Provident Label Group pop/rock band Building 429 has officially broken a radio record. Their brand new single, "Impossible," received an astounding 95 radio adds on add date, making this an all time first for the band. This is also the highest number of adds its first week ever for a Provident Label Group artist. This radio feat hasn't been achieved since "Free To Be Me" by Fancesca Battistelli in 2008.

April 30, 2015

Nashville, Tenn. ---- Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winning pop/rock group, Building 429, has reached another major career milestone with one-million single sales. A special plaque presentation was held at with Provident Label Group in honor of the group’s incredible achievement. Building 429 has achieved landmark radio success, including the history making single, “Where I Belong.” Provident Label Group’s Senior Vice President, Dean Diehl praised the group for its music ministry and accomplishments.

March 02, 2015

Nashville, Tenn. -- Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning pop/rock group, Building 429, gears up for another record-breaking year, as the band is continuing to build momentum with its upcoming major tours and release of a new project in 2015.

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