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The Winans



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Jan 01, 1987


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Ain't No Need to Worry 0:00
Millions 0:00
Breaking of Day 0:00
What Can I Say? 0:00
Right, Left in a Wrong World 0:00
The Real Meaning of Christmas 0:00
Love Has No Color 0:00
Give Me You 0:00
How Can You Live without Christ? 0:00


Member Role
Alex Acuna Percussion
Victor Adams Background Vocals
Justo Almario Horns
Laythan Armour Keyboards, Synthesizer and Drum Programming
Percy Bady Songwriter
Anita Baker Lead Vocals ("Ain't No Need to Worry")
Craig Bervage Engineer
John Bokowski Keyboards
Lanar Brantley Bass
Ollie E. Brown Percussion, Linn Drum
Dean Ghant Bass
Andrew Gouche Bass
Peter Haden Engineer
Fred Hammond Background Vocals
Barry Hankerson Co-Producer, Executive Producer, Songwriter, Percussion
Hadley Hockensmith Guitar
Loris Holland Keyboards
Kevin Jackson Background Vocals
Quincy Jones Executive Producer
Steve King Engineer
Win Kutz Engineer
Abraham Laboriel Bass
Wayne Linsey Keyboards
Bill Maxwell Drums
Michael McDonald Lead Vocals ("Love Has No Color")
Celeste McKinney Background Vocals
Benny Medina Executive Producer
Dean Parks Guitar
Barney Perkins Engineer, Mixed
Greg Phillinganes Synthesizer Programming
Michael Rochelle Keyboards, Synthesizer
Harlan Rogers Keyboards
Kevin Session Background Vocals
Dwayne Whitehead Background Vocals
Thomas A. Whitfield Keyboards
Doug Williams Vocals ("Ain't No Need to Worry")
Melvyn Williams Vocals ("Ain't No Need to Worry")
Angie Winans Background Vocals
BeBe Winans Background Vocals
Carvin Winans Co-Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Debbie Winans Background Vocals
Joy Winans Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
Juan Winans Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
LaShay Winans Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
Mario Winans Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
Marvin Winans Producer, Songwriter, Percussion, Vocals
Michael Winans Co-Producer, Vocals
Regina Winans Background Vocals
Ron Winans Co-Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Carvin Winans, Jr. Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
Marvin Winans, Jr. Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
Michael Winans, Jr. Child Voice ("Breaking of Day")
Jerome Earl Wright Background Vocals
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