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Peter Furler

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Peter Furler

Peter Furler

Peter Furler  has been a member of:

Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil

Peter Andrew Furler (born 8 September 1966) is an Australian musician, songwriter, producer, and record executive but is best known as the former lead singer for the Christian rock band Newsboys. Furler was born in McLaren Vale, South Australia on 8 September 1966, the third of six children of missionaries Bill and Rosalie Furler. Furler formed the Newsboys, with friends George Perdikis, Sean Taylor, and John James. He has written and produced most of Newsboys' songs, as well as co-writing/producing songs for other recording artists. He also frequently collaborated with Steve Taylor. Furler was originally the band's drummer but became the band's lead singer after the departure of John James in 1997.

In July 1999 Furler, along with fellow Australians Dale Bray and Wes Campbell, founded Inpop Records.

In 2009 Furler left the Newsboys and is now pursuing a solo career. Peter Furler continued to make special appearances on tour with the band up until his final appearance on 11 September 2009, in Orlando, Florida.

Furler played drums for Phil Joel's latest album deliberiteKids2.

He released his debut solo album, On Fire, on 21 June 2011 . The first single from the album, "Reach", was released to radio 25 March 2011 for sale on 19 April 2011.

Peter married Summer Andrea LeFevre, daughter of Grammy award winning musician Mylon LeFevre on 12 March 1991.

February 3, 2014

Here is the latest update from Steve Taylor on the status of his upcoming album and tour. We think this is pretty big news, and couldn't wait to share it with you!

As we've been recording The Perfect Foil album, we've simultaneously been planning The Perfect Tour. It's tricky business trying to plot a tour that plays the maximum number of cities while losing the minimum number of shirts. Do we take an opening act? Can we find decent venues? Will the restrooms be hygienic?

And then, a few days ago, the so-obvious-why-didn't-we-think-of-it-sooner solution appeared. Late last year, the four of us wrapped production on Peter Furler Band's incredible new album — Sun and Shield — which will be released in March and includes nine tracks Peter and I co-wrote that I believe to be his best collection of songs since the glory days of Take Me To Your Leader

What if...

It gives us great joy to announce that Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil will be co-headlining this spring's tour with Peter Furler Band!

No, this is not a misprint. Yes, you may pick yourself off the floor. For diehard Steve Taylor fans, you get to hear an additional set of hit songs written by Furler/Taylor for both Newsboys and Peter's amazing new album Sun and Shield! And for diehard Peter Furler fans, you get to see Peter both Step Up To The Microphone AND sit behind a non-spinning drum kit!

And now for your frequently asked questions...

What are the dates? We'll be on tour from April 26th thru May 25th, with possible additional dates added in the fall.

Will both bands do full sets? Yes.

What types of venues will you be playing? Our preference is to play "neutral venues" — clubs and concert halls — with a maximum capacity of 350-1,000. (We have nothing against church sanctuaries, but they're typically better suited to praying than playing.)

Can I help? Yes. If you know (or are) a concert promoter, contact our longtime friend/agent Scott Huie at: booking@h2oaa.com

Will this be the most glorious post-Arctic-Vortex Concert Of The Year? Yes

April 30, 2012

Peter Furler releases his “I’m Alive” video (http://vimeo.com/41177875) from footage taken during the 2012 Winter Jam Tour Spectacular that wrapped up earlier this month after hitting 47 cities and playing to nearly 535,000 people - the #1 tour in the world (first quarter) for the second consecutive year (Pollstar). “I’m Alive” is the opening track on Furler’s acclaimed solo debut album, On Fire, which also sparked the radio hits “Matter of Faith” and “Reach.”


The idea for “I’m Alive” practically assaulted Peter. “I just felt this overwhelming sense of freedom,” he says of the song. “When we’re born again, our spirit is free to join with God’s Spirit. Then, when we begin reading and doing what Jesus said, and following the promptings of the spirit of God, this leads us to live without being bound or led by anxiety, emotions or the material, to be ‘On Fire’ with the full life of Christ.”

With Peter’s quintessential pop vocal breaking through, this contagious anthem does just that, building from a place of doubt and imprisonment to an all-out release of gratitude for forgiveness and freedom.

You shed Your tears for me,
and then You took my hand
and raised me high

I’m alive
I’m on fire and
my spirit burns with desire

Joining Furler’s band during the Winter Jam tour and featured on the video is fellow artist and former newsboy bassist/vocalist, Phil Joel, as well as guitarist Dave Ghazarian (Superchick) and drummer Jeff Irizarry.

With multiple GRAMMY nominations and Dove awards, “Songwriter of the Year” nods and musical talent that has driven the sales of five RIAA Certified Gold records, over seven million albums sold and 25 No. 1 songs, Peter Furler made his return to music after amicably ending his long tenure in 2009 as the lead singer of newsboys, the band he founded in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. Refreshed and reawakened to the joy of music, Furler’s first solo album, On Fire, released amidst wide critical acclaim on Sparrow Records.

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