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Nelly Greisen

Nelly Greisen is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1970 2nd Chapter of Acts Easter Song Vocals
1972 Jimmy and Carol Owens Come Together Vocals
1973 Barry McGuire Seeds Background Vocals
1974 Barry McGuire Lighten Up Background Vocals
1974 2nd Chapter of Acts With Footnotes Songwriter, Vocals
1975 Barry McGuire To the Bride Vocals
1975 2nd Chapter of Acts In the Volume of the Book Songwriter, Vocals
1976 Becky Ugartechea House Between Two Rivers Background Vocals, Hand Claps
1976 Janny Grein Free Indeed Vocals
1976 Mike and Kathie Deasy Wings Of An Eagle Background Vocals
1976 Annie Herring Kids of the Kingdom Songwriter, Background Vocals
1977 John Fischer Inside Background Vocals
1977 2nd Chapter of Acts How the West Was One Songwriter, Vocals
1978 Annie Herring Kids Of The Kingdom - Follow The Leader Songwriter, Vocals
1978 Keith Green No Compromise Choir
1978 2nd Chapter of Acts Mansion Builder Vocals
1980 2nd Chapter of Acts The Roar of Love Songwriter, Vocals
1981 2nd Chapter of Acts Rejoice Vocals
1981 2nd Chapter of Acts Encores Songwriter, Vocals
1983 2nd Chapter of Acts Together Live Songwriter, Vocals
1983 Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart More Background Vocals
1983 2nd Chapter of Acts Singer Sower Vocals
1984 Terry Talbot Sings Stories of Jesus Background Vocals
1985 2nd Chapter of Acts Night Light Vocals
1986 Harvest Only the Overcomers Background Vocals
1986 2nd Chapter of Acts Hymns Vocals
1987 2nd Chapter of Acts Far Away Places Vocals
1988 Matthew Ward Fade to White Background Vocals
1989 Annie Herring Flying Lessons Background Vocals
1991 Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart A Decade Of Love Background Vocals
1997 Miss Angie 100 Million Eyeballs Songwriter

Nelly Greisen

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