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    Michael W. Smith: Wonder Years

    Album Info:

    • Release Date: 1-Jan-1993
    • Label: Reunion
    • Release #: 701-0085-72


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    A limited edition 2 CD box set that features 32 songs from 1983 to 1993 plus a 24 page retrospective photo album.

    Track Listing:

    Friends    00:00
    You Need a Savior   
    Could He Be the Messiah   
    Great Is The Lord    00:00
    A Way    00:00
    Hosanna    00:00
    I Am Sure    00:00
    Pursuit Of The Dream    00:00
    Lamu    00:00
    Rocketown    00:00
    Old Enough To Know    00:00
    Going Through The Motions    00:00
    I Know    00:00
    Emily    00:00
    Secret Ambition    00:00
    Pray For Me    00:00
    I Miss The Way    00:00
    I Hear Leesha    00:00
    The Throne    00:00
    All Is Well    00:00
    Gloria    00:00
    Go West Young Man    00:00
    Love Crusade    00:00
    Place In This World    00:00
    Seed To Sow    00:00
    For You    00:00
    Picture Perfect    00:00
    I Will Be Here For You    00:00
    Somewhere Somehow    00:00
    Give It Away    00:00
    Love One Another    00:00
    Cross of Gold   


    Musician Credits:

    • Michael W. Smith: Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals


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