River Flows: Anthology Volume 1


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Jan 01, 2002


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Track Listing

Title Duration
Turning Tide 0:00
Flight of the Wild Goose 0:00
The Island 0:00
White Sands 0:00
Dancing on the Wall 0:00
A'Machair 0:00
Vision of Naran 0:00
Beijing 0:00
Iona 0:00
Trilogy 0:00
Here I Stand 0:00
Columcille 0:00
Kells Opening Theme 0:00
Revelation 0:00
Matthew - The Man 0:00
Chi-Rho 0:00
Mark - The Lion 0:00
The River Flows 0:00
Luke - The Calf 0:00
Virgin and Child 0:00
Temptation 0:00
The Arrest - Gethsemene 0:00
Trinity - The Godhead 0:00
John - The Eagle 0:00
Kells 0:00
Eternity - No Beginning, No End 0:00
Prayer on the Mountain 0:00
Treasure 0:00
Brendan's Voyage (Navigatio) 0:00
Edge of the World 0:00
Today 0:00
View of the Islands 0:00
Bird of Heaven 0:00
Murlough Bay 0:00
Burning Like Fire 0:00
Adrift 0:00
Beachy Head 0:00
Machrie Moor 0:00
Healing 0:00
Brendan's Return 0:00
Beyond These Shores 0:00
Snowdonia - Realm of the Ravens: Realm of the Ravens / Dunes / Macha / Dome of Harlech / Above the Clouds / Song of the Waves / Moondawn / Winter 0:00
Jigs 0:00
Hearthquake 0:00
Castlerigg / Reels 0:00
I Will Give My Love an Apple 0:00
Song of the Waves (Reprise) 0:00
The Final Journey 0:00

A 4-CD box set that contains remastered versions of Iona's first three albums. The band's first album is also remixed and reworked. The fourth disc consists of previously unreleased material. This is the first release on Iona's own record label. The box set also comes with a full-color booklet with notes and photographs.


Member Role
Joanne Hogg Songwriter, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocal Choirs
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