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Whosoever South

Whosoever South is bringing home-cooked goodness to the table with their sophomore album, “Come On In”. Comprised of Rowdy, Sarah and Mike, all three were born and raised in the South – and each with many different musical influences growing up. Together, this trio serves up a delicious combination of hip-hop and some southern hospitality with an invitation to all. The group’s humble beginnings and diverse backgrounds testify to the fact that God can indeed use all things.

Since the group’s formation in 2008, the trio released three underground albums before making their worldwide debut in 2013 with their album, Goin’ Home. With worldwide airplay, they are crossing county lines, city limits and oceans, breaking down barriers and impacting lives by sharing the truth that needs to be known. “We all have one thing in common,” says Sarah. “We all need Jesus. Some folks just don’t know it yet.”

Partnering up with A-List producers, such as Asaf Fulks, Dirty Rice, and industry veteran KJ-52, Whosoever South is creating a sound like no other. Come On In is packed with traditional hip-hop 808’s, kicks, hi-hats and snares combined with a backwoods flare of banjo, harmonica and dobro. “We was raised in the country, where a man’s word is one of his most valuable possessions and hard work is a way of life,” says Rowdy.

Mike was raised in Little Sand Hill, Georgia, and was the baby of a big family. His Daddy was a pulp mill logger, and his Mama loved to sing along with him and his brothers and sisters, while they worked to help provide for the family picking deer tongue, and such. Mike has had many different musical influences in his life as well. One of his favorite childhood memories is his Mama singing old hymns. Growing up in the backwoods of South Georgia, where he still resides, he likes spending time with his wife and five children, making music, and sharing his love for the Lord.

Sarah was born in Douglasville, GA (outside Atlanta) to a hardworking family and at a young age moving to Brunswick, GA. That is where she grew up and also met her best friend and soon to be husband, Rowdy. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons and friends, being creative and making music that shares some of her own life along with what God has done, and is doing. She also enjoys traveling, fishing, outdoor activities and yard sales when possible. “You can find some really unique things, and who don’t like a good deal? They are kind of like life in a way – Look past the junk, and there are little treasures to be found.”

Rowdy was born in Brunswick GA, to a long line of cotton picking farmers, blacksmiths and builders. He was an iron sharpenin’ harvester from the get go. Against doctor’s orders, due to health issues and possible fatality, Rowdy’s parents decided to have him anyway, and trust God with the results. Though born healthy, he still grew up with many different obstacles and blessings that have shaped him into who he is today- a hardworking man, who loves the Lord, his wife and his children. He is a youth leader at the local church, and travels to many places sharing the Gospel through music and speaking with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. He enjoys hanging with the family, making music, hunting and fishing.

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September 09, 2014

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- Whosoever South, the pioneers of Country Crunk, return October 7th with their all-new studio album, COME ON IN. The album will be released by Pit Bull Productions in association with Elevate Entertainment and Syntax Distribution. 

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