Armond Morales

Jan 01, 2000
Jan 01, 1964

Armond Morales is listed in the credits for the following albums:

Year Artist Album Role
1966 Jake Hess Sing Inspirational Classics Bass Vocals
1966 Imperials Sing Inspirational Classics Bass Vocals
1968 Imperials New Dimensions Vocals
1970 Imperials Believe It Vocals
1971 Imperials Time to Get It Together Vocals
1973 Imperials Live Vocals
1974 Imperials Follow the Man with the Music Vocals
1976 Imperials Just Because Vocals
1977 Imperials Sail On Vocals
1978 Imperials Imperials - Live Producer, Vocals
1979 Imperials One More Song For You Vocals
1979 Imperials Heed the Call Vocals
1980 Imperials Priority Vocals
1982 Imperials Stand By The Power Vocals
1983 Imperials Side by Side Vocals
1985 Imperials Let the Wind Blow Vocals
1987 Imperials This Year's Model Vocals
1990 Imperials Love's Still Changing Hearts Executive Producer, Vocals
1991 Imperials Big God Executive Producer, Vocals

Armond Morales


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Feb 25, 1932
Dec 05, 2022

Most people know Armond Morales from decades of hearing his velvety-smooth voice as the bass vocalist in The Imperial’s original quartet. Everywhere they sang, Armond would receive highly enthusiastic responses from the audience when he would break into a solo part. His unique sound was, and is, unparalleled – and his God-given talent is being used today, all for the glory of our Lord!

Armond sang bass for the Weatherfords in the early 1960s. He was hand-picked by Jake Hess to sing bass for the newly-formed Imperials in 1964. He remained with the group, eventually becoming the group owner, until he retired in 2003. In 2006, he started the Classic Imperials.

Armond’s ministry remained strong, with a dedicated heart toward healing and encouragement. The accolades, nor the crowds of people, have ever been – nor ever will be – the focus; Jesus is. Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Armond has been instrumental in seeing thousands of lives saved, changed, and delivered, and his desire is to see this increase. He truly “…presses on toward the goal of winning the prize for which God has called him… in Christ Jesus,” using all of what God has entrusted to him.

Partnering with Armond in his current ministry is his wife, Bonnie. Along with other members’ wives in the group, Bonnie traveled with The Imperials for over 13 years, being a strong spiritual support and praying with many people for salvation and healing. She finds great joy in sharing her miracle healing testimony with the hope of encouraging others to stand in faith, and believing God for their needs. Together, Armond and Bonnie form an outstanding couple who have learned to wholly trust in God for every imaginable situation life can present, and with the comfort and strength, He has imparted to them, continue to minister victorious life to others.

Armond was a founding member of both The Imperials and Classic Imperials and served as the organization's president for 40 years. 

He passed away on December 5, 2022.

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